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Be yourself and embrace who you are! (Video)

Today is the day for you to be all that you are: Find your laughter, and share it; Love your quirkiness, and own it; Be unique, and stand up for who you are; Be fearless of who you are, and never apologise for it; Strut your sassy stuff, and show it; Spin those positive feelings [...]

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Manifesting Mondays! (Video)

Mondays are a great day, in my world! This is the day that I choose to manifest goals, targets and ambitions for the working week ahead. It's all about lighting up some positive and high vibrations for the Universe to respond to as you ask for what you want. The process I share in the [...]

By |October 20th, 2013|Law of Attraction|1 Comment

The light at the end of the tunnel really DOES exist. (Video)

How hard does life seem at the moment? Does it feel as if you have no one to turn to that will hear what is deep in your heart? You will get through it, you’ve made it this far. Sometimes in life, we don’t know where to turn. We mentally and emotionally carry pains and [...]

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