In this incredible world of positive and negative energy spinning around the Universe every second of the day, I’m certain that the majority of us have experienced negative vibes from others from time to time. Depending on the type of jobs and work we do, the acquaintances and colleagues that we come across, and sometimes the friends and family we feel obliged to keep, it can seem as if negativity is all around us, all the time.

Having observed and witnessed many examples of people sending out negative vibes, I’ve practised the art of not taking on others low vibrations. I was really sensitive to negativity as a child, especially as I was naturally empathetic and optimistic. I was confused about the fact that I felt really good within myself when I was on my own or hanging out with friends but then I’d be around a particular person and I felt crap! When I realised that I wasn’t feeling good and how much I was allowing myself to be affected too often, I made the choice to learn how to recognise it and do something about protecting my own positive inner energy.

My perspective of ‘negative people’ is that they are not born naturally ‘negative’ so it’s conditioned and learned. It’s just the behaviour and communication model they have adopted that makes them ‘negative’. Some examples of people who may not realise that their behaviour is indicative of low, negative vibrations are people who:

-constantly bitch, backbite and/or lie,
-constantly talk about painful experiences from the past but at the same time put a dampener on solutions to help them heal,
-passively project out jealousy and insecurity,
-speak as if they are a victim of most things all the time,
-have a lack mentality
-have a fear mentality amongst just a few…

What they have in common is that their communication model is a loop of negative language. This can have a really powerful effect on people around them, and more so themselves whether they realise it or not. Their non-verbal communication puts out a vibe that hangs in the air, and their verbal communication is a direct reflection of what they are feeling inside, and putting out to the world. They key thing here is that they don’t want to change their ways or even know that they can choose to change their ways. Depending on how much you can be affected, you will feel their vibes more or less which is also dependant of how self-aware you are.

At the centre of it, I believe that all ‘negative’ people are trying to say is ‘I don’t know how to really tell you how I feel’. Regardless of this, it’s their responsibility to:

1. realise and notice what impact they are having,
2. decide to take responsibility for how they are feeling and communicating
3. and then take ownership of dealing with and healing the negative vibrations.

For those of you who want to understand yourselves better in these situations, remind yourself that you are allowed to be responsible for looking after your own vibration/energy and you’re not responsible for making someone else feel better:

Ten tips to help you protect yourself from negative vibes:

1. Improve your skills in reading other people’s negative behaviour
2. Ask yourself what need they might be trying to fulfil by sharing their ‘negativity/pain’ so that you can decide whether to walk away or not,
3. Move your inner communication model from empathy to compassion so you are distanced from their pain
4. Speak up and honestly tell the other person about how they are communicating to you.
5. Ask yourself ‘for what purpose am I staying in this situation?’
6. In your mind ask yourself to put up a metaphorical white shield to protect yourself and reflect away negative energy
7. Remember you are not responsible for their feelings if they express hurt and rejection because you are choosing not staying in their space.
8. Hold your own space by staying centred within yourself
9. Walk away, excuse yourself, and if all else fails run!!
10. Heal your own low vibrations so that you no longer attract people with these behaviours through NLP Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Counselling, Therapy, Yoga, Chakra Healing, Acupuncture or any other healing technique.

Have an amazing day, spread some true positive joy and look after yourselves!

Has anything resonated for you in these article? Do you have any other tips to offer? Do you want to take action to stay healthy and positive? Share your comments below!