The reality of not being around loved ones during Christmas, festivities and celebrations can be really difficult to overcome, especially when all you want is to share a hug and laughter or just be in the presence of the people that you care for. No matter how lonely you may be feeling remember:

1. You are NEVER truly alone…you have yourself…and you’re the one that can love yourself in the ways that only you know how when you’re feeling down. Ask yourself: What do I need right now? How can I make myself happier today? How can I best make use of this moment in time? What can I learn about myself that will serve me well in the future? Do I need to forgive myself/others and love myself/others unconditionally?

2. Even in loneliness, we are often together. So many people around the world will be in similar situations as yourself and they’ll be wondering if they are all alone too-send them silent blessings of love and solidarity with a message that everything will be ok for them too. The karmic power of silent blessings comes back around in ways you could never imagine, in your future.

3. THIS TOO SHALL PASS…Step into how you’re feeling, be brave and acknowledge it. Then remind yourself that this feeling will pass. Have patience.

A few more tips to get you through the lonely times…

4. Get psyched up to enjoy the day before it arrives, watch your favourite film, dance around to your favourite songs, cook yourself something tasty, unleash your creativity, reach out to other people that may need you to be strong for them with your presence.

5. Buy a journal and write from your heart. Pour out the inner pain that no one knows of, out from your mind and body, and see it in black and white…then rip up the pages and strive to move forward knowing that you are loved and loveable.

6.Visualise how you really want your future Christmas’, birthdays and celebrations to feel like, look like and sound like to you. Make the colours bright and vivid, the sensations as positive as you want to feel and then strive to make this visualisation come true because you want it that much.

Everyday is always a day that will pass, and tomorrow is a brand new one to start again, afresh. Best wishes for Christmas 2013, from me!


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