How do you find the love of your life? It starts with you! Getting ready is all about making sure that you better know who you are as a person,  in order to clearly start understanding who your ‘right-fit’ or compatible partner may be. Stay committed to learning more about who you are and remember you deserve the love that you want!

1. Start finding the love inside of yourself that you want your life partner to fill-only you can fill it first:  by discovering it, experiencing it, and then sharing it with your life partner…you’ll also have a healthy comparison of the love that you deserve because it’ll match how you now you should be treated with respect.

2. Shift your mindset and start believing 100% that your mr or miss ‘right fit’ will come into your life, that you are deserving of that person and vice-versa, that YOU ARE WORTH IT, and no matter what your past experiences.

3. Create a vision in your mind of how you want to FEEL, LOOK and EXPERIENCE the love you have for yourself first, then sharing that exact love with someone else. As humans we are in fact chasing feelings (which aren’t fact and that’s for another blog!)-know how you want to feel when you have what you want…it’ll drive you forward.

4. See yourself for who you really are; in this life, it’s actually the only thing that matters. Please forgive yourself for things you have said, done, thought, experienced and felt…the past is done, see yourself as the man or woman that is trying their best. Or just keep seeing yourself as a miracle that has a lot of love to share!

5. Stop neglecting your needs and allow yourself to put yourself first, especially if you want someone else to put you first…if you neglect yourself, you’ll attract that. When you start recognising how you neglect yourself, you’ll notice when others may be too. It’s not selfish to be there for yourself in order that you are there for others.

6. Get real with your inner game and stay committed…What are the hidden pains and barriers to love that you are unable to heal on your own? I’ve found through my life experience that change can only come through other people and being totally honest with yourself.

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