How do you find the love of your life? It starts with you finding the love you have for yourself! Getting ready is all about making sure that you better know who you are as a person,  in order to clearly start understanding who your ‘right-fit’ or compatible partner may be. Stay committed to learning more about who you are and remember you deserve the love that you want!

1. Love yourself for who you are and accept yourself as you are RIGHT NOW. By accepting your attractiveness, your fitness levels, your health, your lifestyle, your career, your finances, as they right now, you are in the only position to make changes, if you want to. Change happens in the present moment. That’s the reality. If you’re not happy with certain areas of your life, ask for support and start making changes.


2. Let go and clear out jealousies, insecurities, and so on…we all have them to a certain degree, it’s just when the behaviour becomes toxic that the only person you’re deeply hurting is yourself, and you may be affecting people around you. Learn to only compare to the best version of you, not anyone else.


3. Visualise the kind of relationship you want to be in.  Do you want to be in a relationship that is a team effort, a partnership, more like a friendship, a relationship where you’ll spend lots of time together, co-dependant, nurturing, healthy, fun, family orientated…what kind of distinctions do you make?


4. Consider the core skills of relationships that you may need to work on whilst you’re single, such as communicating your needs, wants and desires, compromise, trust, independence/self-sufficiency, detachment, etc etc


5. Accept that you might need to be single for a little longer whilst you start getting ready for the love of your life, trust it’ll happen when it’s meant to…


6. Trust that the Universe will bring you what you are looking for, and in fact, it already has. As you start getting clearer, remember that you may come across examples of potential partners that could just be showing you what you DON’T want…with how you are vibrating inside…you know where I am if you’d like some support xxx


Excerpts taken from my forthcoming second self published book ‘101 ways to overcome ALMOST anything’-Due to be published in Summer 2014. Sign up to my newsletter for regular updates!

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