Confidence is a state of mind and one which can affect our mental health in either positive and empowering ways, or disempowering ways. As confidence is state of mind, we can make a choice to be more confident, and then adjust our behaviour to support that choice. Below, I have listed 12 tips (I couldn’t stop at 10!) on how to be confident today-try them out and see how you go!

1. Breathe like a zen master! Breathing is the fundamental action that we can take in order to achieve healthy mental development and nurture our mental health. The effect is magic! Listen to your breathing and say to yourself ‘ I am’ on the in-breathe and ‘confident’ on the out-breath.
2. Adjust your posture and body language. By sitting up or standing straighter, with a strong, long back, you immediately change how you feel within yourself.
3. Wear colour and if you’re a lady, wear heels! This one is a lot of fun and I personally love it! The colours that we choose to wear each day, unconsciously, say a lot about how we’re feeling inside. Black can be a sexy and confident colour, but if you’re feeling low it’s unlikely to lift your mood. Create a wardrobe that is a mixture of brights and neutrals as well as different styles which you can combine to create your unique, confident looks. Walk and carry yourself with a confident gait.
4. SMILE! Scientists have proven over and over again that it takes less muscles to smile than frowning…and the effects of frowning, being stressed or depressed are more long lasting. Share a smile with as many people that you come across today and become aware of what the reaction is. I sometimes have times when I don’t feel like smiling and I’ll pass someone in the street or a cashier in a shop who smiles at me, and honestly the effect is like magic-it brightens my day and reminds me that life is today to smile, laugh and connect with other people. Share your gorgeous smile with someone, it might be the very thing they need to see and could make their day.
5. Think of a time when you have been most confident. Recall as much detail as you can: Where were you? How were you speaking, feeling, being? Step into those positive shoes again and double the feeling. See? Just like that you’ve changed your state to an empowering one. Remember what you’ve achieved once, you can achieve again.
6. Visualise the dress rehearsal in your mind. The power of your imagination is there to serve a purpose of creating what you want to have in your life, so use your imagination in an empowering way by creating clear, vivid pictures of your confident self. Life always supports what you want so start visualising the best results!
7. Practise, practise practise..Have you got an interview presentation coming up? Or a talk to deliver to business people and colleagues? Write up your talk in plenty of time, stand in front of a mirror and deliver it exactly as you feel. Allow yourself to make as many mistakes. Go back over them and as you keep repeating yourself, you’ll gain confidence. Record your talk onto your iPhone, in front of friends and family. Trust yourself. On the day, do your very best-that’s all!
8. Hang out with confident people and notice some of their behaviour traits and even ask them how they do what they do. Look for exemplars from whom you’d like to learn and emulate. What would Beyonce do?!
9. Get out of your comfort zone and practise starting at zero. Sign up to a course or a new gym class, allow yourself to make mistakes, as you’re starting at zero, and then iron them the next time as you gain more confidence.
10. Be totally authentic about your lack of confidence with a supportive partner, friend or family member or write them down in a journal. Expressing your concerns can be so transformative and you won’t leave as the same person after the conversation-you’l likely feel confident!
11. Have a “f$£% it” attitude! Our perception of confidence is in our mind and our minds say a lot of rubbish sometimes! Sometimes you’ve just gotta say “F^&* it, I’m doing it anyway!”
12. Take action and do it! Life is today to be the fulfilled and happy person you want to be. Be it!

What does this post inspire you to do today? Share it with someone who might need a little nudge in the right direction, and share your own tips and ideas below-let’s start the conversation.

Excerpt taken from my forthcoming book ‘101 ways to overcome almost anything’. Due to be self-published in Summer 2014