Believe in yourself for self-leadership


Have you ever heard yourself say or think “I can’t do it” “I’m not good enough” or “I’ve gotta keep trying harder and harder”? There was a time when I’d always hear other people telling me to believe in myself and to stop being so hard on myself. What baffled me for years was that I didn’t know what it meant, I didn’t know how to, nor how it felt or why it was important to have self-belief. Eventually, I got to the point where I wanted to figure it out-enough was enough! I started by doing new things such as looking for opportunities that I thought were out of my league and putting myself forward, challenging my self-perception and making the voice of self-belief louder in my mind than any criticism or doubt. Then a curious thing started to happen-I started to gain confidence and self-belief that I am capable, intelligent and successful. How empowering it is to be there for yourself, to always have your own back, to respect your own needs and desires and to know that you are deserving? It feels serene!

In my opinion, self belief is about knowing that you are worthy of being happy, kind and respectful to yourself, each and every single day. It’s also about believing that you can be, do and have whatever you set out to achieve because, like the person you most admire, you have the skills within you (you just haven’t discovered them yet!). Self belief also has to be nurtured as it’s only you who can take the steps to enjoy the career, dream business, intimate relationships, family, financial freedom or life that you want. Trust yourself, have faith and lead the way; your way.

Beliefs are ideas that we hold to be true. More often than not, we don’t even know what we believe as our beliefs can be both conscious and unconscious. By asking yourself (or being asked by a professional coach) questions that enable you to move forward, you are able to shine a light on unconscious beliefs/ideas that are ready to be updated. Beliefs have a powerful knock on effect, and you’re in charge of creating the beliefs that enable you be happier, healthier, wealthier, and making the most of your life.

Imagine if you start believing more in yourself from today, how much your performance and happiness will improve:

at work; in the dream business you want to create, or have already started; in your academic studies; in your love life; your family relationships; your health and fitness; or your financial independance.

Two questions to ask yourself:

1.What are you NOT doing because you don’t believe in yourself?

What you believe is what you see, and before you can live an experience you have to believe it exists in your imagination and that you can have it for real, in life. The time that we have here on planet Earth is limited and if lack of self-belief is holding you back, how about living life today and start believing in who you are-isn’t it about time? Give yourself a mental break!

2.Imagine what you could achieve if only you believed in yourself? What might you experience, what might you gain (and lose), and how much more of a person could you become?

What are you ready to believe about yourself? That you deserve to be happy, move forward, create the life you love, be physically fit and mentally healthy?

As a coach, I am continually fascinated when I offer clients ‘belief change work’. Using a number of different techniques clients are coached to find beliefs that are holding them back, and then coached to discover empowering and enabling beliefs. If beliefs such as I’m not good enough, I can’t do that or I don’t believe in myself can hold us back, imagine transforming them to ‘I am good enough, I can do it, I do believe in myself’ and what you could achieve and how you would feel. Life is today to create and live the life you want!

The most important person that needs to believe in you, is yourself. Everybody will take your lead. Believe in yourself to LEAD yourself; take your own hand and step forward, one day at a time. You really can give yourself a mental break and be there for yourself; show the world the amazing things you could achieve from a sprinkle of self-belief.

Share in the comments below how this blog post motivates you to believe something different about yourself…I’m looking forward to hearing from ya!