‘Life is a lifetimes work’-Leila K

I feel like I’ve no direction, I don’t know where I’m going, what I’m meant to be doing, I don’t even know who I am anymore. Should I stay…or is it time to walk away? Start a new path, become a different person, keep things that same so as to not rock the boat or follow my heart?” 

I’m guessing I’m not the only person in the world that has felt lost at some point; feeling like there’s no direction and that things have changed, relationships are no longer fulfilling or full of drama and pain. Some of the questions I started asking myself were-

-What do I truly want?

-What decisions do I make?

-Do I keep listening to my head or listen and follow my heart?

As I have asked myself these and many other questions, what I have found is that feeling lost was never what it seemed-I was never lost; I just no longer recognised the person that I had become through life experiences. We’re never really ‘lost’, all you’re doing is looking for new answers within yourself, to have a new conversation with yourself, look for the new resources and skills, the potential within, the parts of you that you have not discovered as yet.

From my experience, it can actually be a positive place to be-even though it may not seem like it at the time! It’s a period where you can learn an incredible amount about yourself, start asking new questions, face your fears and take action to move through them, let go of hopes that haven’t materialised and dreams that relationships/life will work out as you wanted and so much more. Trust the process of evolving.  Personal growth, it seems, is inevitable through periods of change, and the two seem to be inextricably linked.

You’ve just become a new person. It’s likely that you’ve outgrown your former values, you no longer relate to your previous beliefs as they don’t fit who you are now. It’s a time to really connect with yourself, more deeply. Instead of trying to find the immediate, gratifying answer, shine a light on the feelings and thoughts that are uncomfortable, so you can move through them; it’s more beneficial in the long run. There is always so much to learn from being in the space in between the black and white, the grey part of life where right and wrong doesn’t exist, where the ideal of perfectionism breaks down and really show’s the true colours of life (nothing is perfect!), where ‘maybe’ exists in between ‘yes and no’, where ‘I don’t know, I have no idea’ is louder than the certainty of ‘I know 100%’.

Listen to your disappointments, acknowledge your fears and trust the process that you will find the ‘new you’. Trust the unknown that you’re evolving, spiritually, in order to become the current person that is a unique combination of all the past experiences that you’ve had and  acknowledge that you can become the person you have always wanted to be. Maybe you are already that person that you want to be, but you just don’t see it just yet.

As I say, life is a lifetimes work and it all takes time-life is today to start. However long it needs to take, one day you’ll wake up and things will have started to feel different, look better, feel lighter, more settled. Life is today to discover the person you’ve become.

Share in the comments below-does this blog resonate with you? Where in your life do you currently feel lost? What do you need to shine a light in but are afraid of?

Excerpt taken from my forthcoming book ‘101 ways to overcome almost anything’. Due to be self-published in Summer 2014