The truth of the matter is that in every person’s life, there are ups and downs. We are all doing the very best way that we can, knowing what we know at that particular time. With all the best intentions, we want to stay positive and happy during tough times-not showing our peers, colleagues, family or friends how difficult things are. But let’s keep it real; life is what it is. Full of ups and downs, contrasts of negative and positive emotions, thoughts, experiences, situations and so on. And, so it carries on. However, when things are really tough, how can you stay positive and ensure that you get through the experience? 

From personal experience, I’ve realised It’s not impossible to stay positive during incredibly tough times. So, I’d like to offer a few ways that you may find useful to apply in your life:

  1. See the difficult, tough situation for exactly what it is, i.e., don’t make it positive when it’s not. Nothing more, nothing less. It is what it is. It is what it is and that’s the only thing you can deal with. Keep it in perspective and don’t make it bigger or distort it into something else.
  2. Be totally authentic-as in if you are feeling upset, sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed etc, do your best to not dismiss how you’re feeling. Admit to yourself how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking away.-don’t push it away as those thoughts and feelings could ruminate and turn to anger, resentment, depression etc It’s only when we honestly acknowledge when we are feeling low, despondent, negative that we can move through to a positive, empowered way of being.
  3. Stay focused on coming THROUGH the experience. The word ‘through’ is so important because there is no hiding, no ignoring, no swerving, no avoiding the tough situations in life. ‘Through’ doesn’t mean you have to put up with things as they are, just very likely you have to think, act and behave in a different way. If you are the person making things difficult, then do you need to apologise, listen to the other person or do more or less? Better times are coming, that’s inevitable if you believe it!
  4. Explore the vision of who you could become once you’re thorough it. The sooner you can see who you will become after you have come through the tough time, the more you will have a compelling ‘new you’ to reach, to be.
  5. I believe that everything happens for a reason and every person comes in to our lives for a purpose, whether their presence is for an hour, a day, or a whole lifetime. From this point, ask yourself ‘What is this person teaching me? What can I learn about myself? How are you being asked to step up by God, the Universe, Higher Power (whatever you believe in) or simply, just yourself?
  6. Surround yourself with loving and supportive friends and family. Talk it out, go out or stay in. Remember that many people love and care for you and you’re never on your own.
  7. Do not use any negative self-talk-it won’t get you anywhere apart from going round and round in circles, draining you of energy and making you feel exhausted/tired. Look for solutions instead. Be strict about how you speak to yourself; eliminate beating yourself up-you’re just trying your best.
  8. Do not bottle it up..ask for help from a professional that you can talk to. Never ever suffer in silence on your own. There are thousands of trained professionals who have the skills and expertise to listen, guide and support you and help you out.
  9. You’ll get through it, trust yourself and have faith! The situation, circumstance or person is just there for you to learn important life lessons. You can, and will become a better, stronger person-it’s also taking you closer to your unique well of unconditional love.
  10. Give yourself all the self-love that you need in order to remember that you are worthy and deserving of better times. Treat yourself, reward yourself, love yourself, be there for yourself. Eat. Sleep. Pray. Love. Have fun. Lighten up. Watch a funny film or cartoon and discover more of your inner peace.
  11. Always do whatever is best for you. Only you know how you really feel inside, not one other person can ever know how you’re feeling or what you’re going through. Trust yourself, your feelings and trust your choices and decisions.

No matter what you are going through, you absolutely will come out of the other end, and life will be even better than it seemed. Never give up and remember that life has it’s up and downs and the two contrasts always show s more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want! Life is meant to have ups and downs as this is the essential way in which we can grow and evolve as a person, to a higher level of self-awareness, purpose and mission.

Have you found any of these useful? If so, share below! Do you have others you could offer to readers too? Spread the word by forwarding to friends and family or anyone you know you could benefit from reading this blog…