“It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your  years.” Abraham Lincoln.

The privilege of being alive, of having a beating heart is one which I celebrate every day and especially on my birthday. I learnt early on that a happy life is not a given, but life itself is. Life is a blessing and it’s a blessing to be enjoyed and savoured. Taking each day as it comes, and making the most of loyal friendships, loving families, kindred spirits that have come to pass by your way make this life an amazing experience to behold.


As the days pass of each year, I become acutely aware that there is an urgency to living. An urgency to make the most of each day; An urgency to loving unconditionally, finding forgiveness, remembering to express gratitude, to laugh and have fun with dear friends and enjoy life. From life I’ve learnt that there is an unknown time limit on the day’s we have. And that’s not a bad thing at all! It just means, we’re here TODAY so let’s embrace each day, commit to being kind and loving to ourselves and be loving and kind to one another.


Each day is a day of discovery, which means we’re asking questions of what we need and want to discover. As we all get closer and closer to the answers that we are looking for, the homes we are seeking, whether it’s the home in our heart or a home in a physical place, each day we are always getting closer. We’re getting closer to finding the unconditional love we’re looking for, the answers, the inner peace and happiness, the joy of every moment. The trials and tribulations of the days before become our character builders; enabling us to discover the virtues that we never knew we had. To become the awesome person that we really are. Our vulnerable moments remind us of how human we are and running away from what needs loving is never the answer. I’ve learnt from life that we are closer to home than we could ever imagine, if only we just stop for a moment to take a deep breathe, to listen to our hearts and sing the song we are here to share.


Making it to another birthday, or even to another day is something that many children, men and women all around the world have not made it to. That unknown time limit seems to have arrived. So, Life feels like an ode to those people as I owe it to myself to do what I can to contribute, even as little as I can, to those of us who are here and those us that want to and can make a difference.


Another birthday is another day to age gracefully, humbly as we never know if we’ll make it to another one. So celebrating not with mean and unkind words to ourselves, nor with regrets and fear; but with joy and honour is the smallest gift we can give to ourselves and to others on any day, birthday or not.


I wish you a happy, fulfilling and loving day-Go do something small, amazing, big or tiny with it! Make the most of it, embrace all of who you are, dare to dream and believe that there is so much more to you than you can even imagine. Seek to discover who that woman or man, boy or girl is; you’re seriously awesome!


I’d love to read your comments below; What’s the secret to enjoying life? What do you think about getting older? Share your insights below!