You know when someone in your life is important to you or you treasure a gift that someone gave you, or recall special words someone once said? Well, there is a value that you’ve placed which makes that person or that object important.


Valuing yourself in the same way you value others is what self-worth is all about. In other words, self worth is about how much you value yourself. And, you can discover how much you value yourself by asking:  What is it that you value about yourself? For example, how you help others, or your generosity, your determination, your effort, your can-do attitude, your desire to be happy, your commitment to your own path? What is important about you, to you?


Recognise how much value you are providing to the world through your work and home life. Then, ask yourself if you give yourself the same level of love, attention, affection and time. You deserve to experience the very best of you, for yourself too! You are always worth your own effort, time, affection, generosity, never give-up attitude and everything else that shows you how you value yourself.


Have you noticed that you’ve been doing some amazing things in your world? If no one has celebrated your successes recently then it’s time you did for yourself. When it comes to self-worth the only person who can create that connection for you is only you. Your relationships with yourself is the only one that will always last so you might as well realise how important you are to yourself!


There are many things that most of us desire and want but for some reason we stop ourselves, oftentimes because of feeling unworthy. So for a moment ask yourself, ‘What are you worth having?’


  • Happiness?
  • True love?
  • Respect?
  • Experiencing joy?
  • Peace of mind?
  • Hearing your own voice amongst peers and colleagues?
  • A healthy and fit body?
  • A lucrative career or business?
  • A million pounds?
  • Freedom?
  • Being spoken to with respect?
  • Being treated physically and mentally with respect and honour?


Of course you are. Now tell yourself that and remind yourself of it daily.


For a very long time, my own self-worth felt like it was non-existent and I most definitely didn’t know that it was discoverable. What I have learnt though from my own journey of self-worth is that it is innate and we all have this sense of needing to recognise our own value.  I’ve also learnt that you can, and must learn to love yourself unconditionally, more than anyone else ever could. You set the bar of how you deserve to be treated by yourself and others, and you are the only spokesperson for yourself.

The two things each and every one of us is always worth are respect and love. In order to receive them from other people, you must learn to give them to yourself. So, what else are you worthy of?


What are worthy of?

You are worth someone being patient with you,

You are worth someone being compassionate,

You are worth being spoken to with love and respect

You are worth never having your personal space violated.

You are worthy of peace of mind, happiness, freedom and joy.

You are worthy of knowing yourself, knowing your mind, knowing your dreams and goals;

You are worthy of making them come true and have them be a beautiful footprint of your journey through life.

You are worthy of being a part of a group, a family, a tribe.

You are worthy of having faith in yourself,

You are always worthy of doing whatever feels best for you.

You are worthy of making the most of your life, having fun times, laughing your socks off, joking around, experiencing life, making decisions that are the best for you,

You are worthy of trying something different, and you are worthy of changing, evolving and developing as a human.

You are worthy of forgiving yourself, 

You are worthy of other peoples forgiveness. 

You are valuable to the world, in this very moment there are people that care for you.


Value yourself and don’t allow yourself to be seen as less than who you are; not by yourself and not by others. Value your contribution to the world, value the love that you share and never undervalue the lessons that failures, mistakes and experiences have taught-they are how you learn to value yourself.


Life is today to honour, respect  and value yourself.


What has this article inspired you to believe about yourself? What do you know you are worthy of deep down? Share your comments below:

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