Each and every day capture the moments that make you smile, make you laugh, make you happy, make you feel ALIVE; that feeling, that AWESOME and great feeling is the very thing you want to be chasing every day. Chase the feeling that makes you happy, content, relaxed and present.


Create the experiences, opportunities, moments, meetings that feel so good and never settle for anything less. Every day feel a little better about yourself, even if it’s just a little bit more. Every day is ALWAYS better than the day before.


Chasing money never brings us happiness; abundance of wealth adds to your current level of happiness.


Chasing a lover never brings us happiness; they can only add to (or take away) our current level of happiness.


Chasing old habits, ways and thoughts never brings us happiness; they just continue a pattern that hinders personal growth.


Chasing a job or staying in a job that just pays the bills and kills your passion never brings you satisfaction; It just keeps you stuck, wondering and full of wishful thinking.


Chasing what the ego wants never brings us the authentic feelings we are really seeking;


Follow you heart, your bliss and your purpose in life.


Follow your passion and choose to make this life one of learning, curiosity, compassion, personal success, contribution and love.


Love is the ultimate feeling because LOVE IS EXPANSION. Inner love is the real feeling to spend this lifetime chasing.


Never rely on someone else to make you feel happy. Take responsibility to find out what happiness means to you, and what it feels like for you. Then be open to allowing other people, your work and life experiences to add to your happiness. This is the best way to live a life that is of your choosing and  where you take full responsibility for your inner happiness, joy and love.



So, questions from me: what or who makes you smile? What or who adds to your happiness? What feelings do you want to chase?


Leave your answers below and share with the other readers!

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