For many, success can seem like a difficult, hard and maybe even ‘dirty’ thing to work for.
For others, the goal of success is the secret sauce to a life of purpose, happiness and personal fulfilment.

So, what components do you need for a mindset for success? What is the blueprint and can you create your own success? Of course you can! These are some of the ways to do it…

1. Ask yourself “What is TRUE/right for me?” You’re the expert in your world and so only you know what is true for you. So, listen your inner voice, follow your heart and speak the words that are YOUR truth. No one else can speak your unique truth, or walk your unique path apart from you.

2. On a daily basis, ask yourself one of the most important questions which most of us are never taught/encouraged to ask: “What do I want?” You might be surprised at what you think you want, what you really want and what you no longer want but still think you do! (A fun game is to emphasise one different word each time you ask the question. You then realise just how powerful and important this question is)

3. Surround yourself with exemplars-people you can read about, listen to, learn from and be motivated and inspired by. In most cases, someone has always gone before and walked the path. The most incredible people, I find, are the ones who pave the path for others in a way no one else done before.

4. Exercise regularly-Try out different sports, activities and fitness classes to find the ones that ‘fit’ you. Even just walking on a daily basis can make such a difference. “Exercise is to the body, what reading is to the mind”.

5.Get out into Nature, go for a walk, a hike, a swim ‘just because’. Notice nature and spend time around earth, air, water and fire. Success isn’t just a money game, or a material game. It’s so much more about connection with the things that are

6. Eat well-have you ever noticed how you feel after you’ve eaten or drunk certain foods? What we put into our bodies has a really powerful impact on our focus and clarity, mental health and physical wellbeing. Make the best choices for your body-it’s gotta take you places everyday!

7. Meditate-Spend time everyday (varies for everyone but say between 10-20 mins) focusing on your breathe and connecting with your inner potential where all the answers you are looking for reside. Forgiveness, inner strength, joy, clarity, happiness, gratitude, your life purpose, mission, authenticity and so much more can be brought to life through meditation and self hypnosis.

8. Deal with your stuff/the baggage/the past/insecurities/fears/anxieties-they all have incredible growth lessons for you and are nothing to be scared of. Once they are dealt with you can move forward and create lasting success from a place of self-respect.

9. Visualise who the IDEAL YOU is-Who do you really want to be? How do you really want to act? How do you truly want to feel? Be brave in making it happen.

10. Start saying NO to things, people, situations and dramas that do not serve you or the life you are creating. And say YES to your self-development for love, happiness, wealth and success; say yes to taking better care of yourself so that you can take even better care of others, and say yes to learning how to love life!

11. Ask yourself “What does success mean to you?”
What does it look like (when you close your eyes, what do you imagine?
How does it feel? (The emotions, feelings and energy in your body and mind)
What does it sound like (for example, when you close your eyes and imagine what success sounds like?

12. What is your personal definition of success?
We all live in our own worlds and create our own meanings of situations that have taken place, are happening or will happen in the future. We do the same with people that we meet, the relationships we have (or no longer have or want) and when it comes to what is important to each of us, we have our own unconscious definition of certain things. Spend 15 minutes or so asking and answering this question “What’s your definition of success? of love? of happiness? of wealth? of security?”

What’s the smallest example of success for you, and what’s the bigger picture too?

13. Learn from failures and mistakes. We all make mistakes and fail all the time. Instead of beating ourselves up about it, we can learn key lessons from our mistakes and failures-they are in fact the best ways to learn HOW to be successful and happy in the first place! Have no expectations of yourself except that you’ll show up and trust yourself to do the best you can in that moment. The rest is just details and part of the journey.

14. Be grateful; every moment is just a fleeting moment and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Appreciate yourself by celebrating your successes and what you’re doing in each moment and embrace the gratitude of being able to be you, alive today. Life is today to say THANK YOU.

Every day you are already successful, you may not realise it! Stay true to your path, your journey is your own to make so make sure to take the best people along with you xx

What success are you celebrating today? What’s one thing you’ll do today as you get closer to more success? Share your comments below, we love to read them!