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Tips for how to sleep better

Ah sleep, so important yet so elusive at times! Have you had nights where your mind is going round and round in circles for ages, the clock is ticking and you know you’ve gotta be up for work in the morning…or in a few hours time? Well, not for any longer! Below you’ll find 17 [...]

Top Mindsets for Dreamers (Video)

Click on the picture below to view the Top Mindsets for Dreamers Video.       Comment below and share your thoughts-what dreams do you really want to make come true? What's getting in the way? What mindset is the most useful for you? I'd love to read your thoughts!

Single life is a blessing!

A couple of months ago, I was on holiday and got to talking with some other holidaymakers. The guys asked my friend and I why we were single, and I said because I’ve chosen to be-for some unknown reason, they said ‘why?!’ off they scuttled as my friend and I continued with our evening out. [...]

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