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Why focusing on confidence may be hurting you

Why focusing on confidence may be hurting you Do you 'do' personal development' to be confident? Well, personal development is about so much more than confidence. Clearly confidence is an attractive trait and one which we all want to feel…it looks alluring when someone has the confidence to go up to someone and speak to [...]

Showing off VS showing up.

Have you ever felt stifled, or held back when you want to say something in the moment, or do something different? But, for some reason you feel you shouldn’t say it, or do the thing you want to? The next thought is likely to be one where you imagine what the other person is going [...]

[Watch] Today, I gave up…

Occasionally in life, we may feel and think that we have to sit and struggle through tough times. The counter-intuitive thing to do is to 'Give up'. In this video, I share my experience of giving up...and what happens instead. It's also an excerpt from my second book '101+Ways To Overcome Almost Anything'.  Click here [...]

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