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Give time, time to make the changes you desire.

Dear, I know you need to hear this. I know that you feel as if today is another struggle, as if today is another day of inner turmoil. Today, take my hand and let me lead you to another space in time. Within you, you have all the power in the world to be the [...]

Shining a light on the parts that need you…

What choice am I going to make today between being my greatest self, or staying the same person I was yesterday? And, so: “Today I choose to be my greatest. Today, I choose to put my needs somewhere on the list; first and number one. I take full responsibility for who I am on the [...]

How to shine your light

How to shine your light Having spent my lifetime coming through many fears, limiting beliefs, projections of other people’s fears, crying, talking through therapy, healing and stepping up to be my true self, I thought it useful to share how you too can shine your light. 1. Deal with your darkness. Shit happens and life [...]

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