How to shine your light

Having spent my lifetime coming through many fears, limiting beliefs, projections of other people’s fears, crying, talking through therapy, healing and stepping up to be my true self, I thought it useful to share how you too can shine your light.

1. Deal with your darkness. Shit happens and life can seem tough, hard, difficult, a challenge, painful, traumatic, distressing etc. Be dedicated to learning to understand your inner pain (identifying, acknowledging, accepting, forgiving, healing, renewing) through work with professionals (coaches, counsellors, teachers, mentors, etc). Your light is what YOU need and want, and how your closest friends and family would love to see you happy. Be the light of forgiveness for yourself and them.

2. Learn how to ‘notice’ and master ‘noticing’ as a skill; Become aware of the little things that need healing.

3. Let go of the idea that it’s selfish to put yourself first. No one can understand or ‘get’ you until YOU understand and ‘get’ you. Put yourself first so that you can truly be there for your loved ones.

4. Learn to live in the moment by smiling, laughing, having fun, noticing abundance, being grateful for every heartbeat and being spontaneous.

5. Be persistent and dedicated to your inner healing, day in and day out. Continually seek joy and focus on feeling good each day.

6. Bravery is what you need to overcome fear…Be brave so you (become) Fear-LESS.

7. You’re stronger than you can imagine right now. Trust and have Faith!

The darkness will lessen over time so remember it will always be there, albeit for shorter periods of time as your light starts to shine brighter. “Without the darkness, the stars can’t shine”

Click here to download the PDF How to shine your light

I’d love to read your thoughts below. Which ONE of the above would be really helpful for you to start working on? Discover all you can!!