Always blessings, never losses

It is so easy to sit and wallow and think of everything that we have lost after disappointments, setbacks, struggles and so on. The counter-intuitive thing to do is to actually seek what you have gained from a loss. No matter how difficult it may be to notice what you want, always looks for the blessings. Each of us is abundance personified:

What did that person teach you?

What did that experience give you in terms of character building and traits?

What wisdom did you gain?

What were you able to give to someone else?


Everyday is about practising letting go, and this means letting go of the person YOU were at the beginning of the day. The more you see the silver linings all around you, the sooner you are able to detach and let go of people, experiences, disappointments, pain and struggle.


In our day to day lives it can seem as if we have so much to lose, when in actual fact we have gained so much more already. Every day is renews itself with an improved version of the thing you lost. What you have lost, has actually gained something else. Personal growth cannot take place without the friction and contrast of loss and gain, blessings and losses, hurdles and flow. The duality is needed in order to grow.


No matter what you have had to walk away from, seek the blessings.

No matter who has died, or walked away, seek their teachings,

No matter how much it hurts, look for the silver linings,

No matter how low you feel, look for the gold within the rubble.


Every loss is always easier to deal with when you notice the blessings and lessons you have gained, as opposed to the thing or person you have lost. What has been lost is already gone. The only thing left is to seek what has been gained as that is what will impact your future in a way that allows you to be the better version of yourself, allows you to grow, evolve and transform and benefit from the loss, no matter what you had to go through, no matter how uncomfortable, confusing or out of the blue it seemed.


Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below: What blessings do you notice around you today? I’d love to read your thoughts below!