Life is today, right here, right now this is the only moment that exists. Make the most of it, do not waste a

breathe on anyone or anything that makes you feel like you are less than worthy. You deserve to have all

the very best experiences in your life, you deserve to be able to make the choice to feel happy, and BE

happy- if others are uncomfortable that you want to smile and laugh, then that’s their problem, not yours.

Your personal responsibility is to you; your needs, your happiness, your love, your dreams, your purpose,

your contribution to humanity in the ways you decide. You decide to follow your heart, you decide how

you want to change and evolve as a person. Be the better version of you from the one you were yesterday.

Afraid you’ll lose people you love or that they won’t understand you? The people that are meant to be in

your life will always swing back, they’ll always understand, even if it takes them a lifetime. Some people

are not meant to be in lives forever, some are just passing through. Be assured of this, most people in your

life are very very likely to be willing you on toward the happiness and joy you are seeking. And, maybe,

just maybe, they are inspired that you are walking the path before them. Keep walking, keep the faith,

trust your journey and this incredible, mysterious process called Life xx