1. Embrace being a ‘forever learner and student’. School is not the only place to learn as life is the ultimate teacher. Be open to only seeking teachers and mentors who you connect with, who will guide you along the way. Learn and expand your visions everyday-there is so much more potential in you than you could ever imagine!
  1. Always be content what exactly where you are, and be ok with striving to be more, have more and do more. This doesn’t have anything to do with material things-rather, internally. Expand more intellectually, mentally, psychologically, and most importantly emotionally. Be more of who you feel yourself to be inside. Have more heart around others and do more to soothe yourself as you go through stresses in life.
  1. Have ‘do nothing days’ and leave the guilt in the garbage bin! You’re allowed to relax and sit, you’re allowed to watch the world go by, you’re allowed to take your time as you process information you read or situations you are in. Do nothing and chill for a day or two. My take on the ‘hustle’ is this. In order to really hustle you’ve got to keep doing these two things really well. These are what I call the ‘forward hustle’- taking action, making bold decisions, starting a project and following all the way through and then the second crucial part of hustling is ‘chilled hustling’. Let the actions you have taken be processed by your mind in your downtime. Take a break, do nothing and do not feel guilty for a moment. You don’t have to stress, work hard or nearly kill yourself for the millionaire lifestyle you’re looking for, or the super successful business or the dream relationship. Balance the hustle and take care of yourself along the way.
  1. Listen to your own heart and train your mind to support your dreams. If I can leave you with anything, this is it. Do not look for validation or approval from anyone as you are you’re own EXPERT. YOU know, and ONLY you know what is true for you. Not your parent, not your closet best mate, not your partner, no one knows what is in your heart apart from you. Always listen to your inner guidance when it comes to making decisions of where you want to be who you want to spend your life with, what your dreams are and when to change direction. Your vision is yours. Your dreams are yours. This life is yours to make the most out of.
  1. Accept your flaws, imperfections and mistakes for what they are. They make you human, and they are what make you unique. You are the only person who has to accept your flaws first and foremost. Anyone else, well they will follow your lead as to how kind and respectful you are to yourself.

Share below; what are your personal tips for personal development? What do you like or dislike about the personal development journey? Looking forward to reading your thoughts!


Leila Khan is the author of the soon to be released ‘101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles!’. Published by Black Card Books in Autumn 2016-Pre-order your copy from the shop!