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Celebrate your successes.

Celebrate your successes. Take a look back, over your shoulder as you think about how far you’ve come. To that time when you were just starting out. Maybe it was a job, maybe it was when you left school, maybe when you asked your partner out or they asked you out. Maybe it’s another time [...]

Check out my recent feature in the Westender magazine!

One of my favourite magazines in Glasgow is the Westender magazine. I was overjoyed when I was invited to be interviewed about the tough things I have come through in life and how my dreams have been my light through the dark times. I also talk about the three books that have changed my life. [...]

When someone takes your kindness for stupidity

When someone takes your kindness for stupidity Recently, I had another example of someone being in my life - now gone - who thought it would be wise to take advantage of my kindness. What he didn’t realise was you don't mess with me especially when it comes to my kind heart! I’ve seen the [...]

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