How to step up to your NEXT LEVEL

I like the number zero quite a lot! It has significance for me because I consider it a number of change and progress. Something that I’ve found over the years is that progress always starts at zero [#leilaswisevibes] and we ALL start at this very same place. There might be times when you have a dream or an ambition to fulfil and you’re not quite sure where to start. Something new to try, something new to say or do. Remember that where you are is always point zero and you can only go up! Keep moving forward.


Think back to a time when you had just an idea-maybe it was an image, maybe it was a feeling, or maybe you heard some music/words in your mind…and you knew it was something that you felt inspired to pursue. Did you know that that idea is at point zero? The idea stirred within you-ready to be born and brought to life by you. Your journey with this idea has now begun and you can choose to ignore it, talk yourself out of, or pursue it and not give up until it has been realised.


I often share all the amazing things that I’ve achieved and continue to achieve in my life because of this thought that drives me everyday: All that will be left of my life one day, like everyone else’s, will be memories & stories. All that will be left is my example and how I lived. Remembering this everyday inspires me to act on my ideas, to act on the in-spirations that come to me and to pursue them till the end no matter what fears, obstacles or hurdles come along the way. We are all a leading example for someone, somewhere in the world-we might never know who and there is no need to know the details. Just like with your ideas. Accept them and pursue them. And, STEP UP to the NEXT LEVEL.


The next level is always the point beyond your comfort zone-that mental, emotional and sometimes physical place that feels totally uncomfortable, and sometimes very irrational!

You might need to stop caring what others think of you; value less what others think, do something different, imagine yourself in a new and different way…

The uncomfortable action you might need to take, the decision you might need to make and the words you may need to speak are the very NEXT LEVEL, NEXT STEP that you’ve gotta take in order to keep progress beyond the zero point.


You see, the universe, life, God, the higher self is ALWAYS supporting you. You are here to experience expansion. Expansion of feelings, expansion of intelligence, expansion of experiences, expansion of duality i.e. dark and light, night and day, winter and summer, water and ice etc etc. Expansion feels uncomfortable because that is it’s purpose. Beyond expansion is a wealth of personal power, joy, inner potential and new NEXT LEVELS…this is life; start at zero, progress and expand to the next level, then the next level again, then the next level again…and each time, let the zero point be your guide.


I’d love to read your comments below. What ideas are you holding back from pursuing? What’s your next level? Keep striving, with love, Leila x