Fear vs Love:

Which one do you want to live your life from?

There are so many aspects or parts that make up being human. There is the part of us that wants to be loved. The part of us that wants to love others. There is also that part of us that wants to love OURSELVES.

In a world where so much is focused on the external, on other peoples needs first, we seem to be missing the point. Life is all about how YOU feel, and how you honour your personal soul journey. We need each other, that’s human nature. However, how we need each other is more important. Being there for a partner, a child or a stranger with compassion, with love and with joy is the very gift that you can bring to a moment with someone else. Being there for someone with fear, anger, frustration and negativity just hurts two people-you and the other.




The two sides of the same coin are love and fear. The coin is a person.  We have a part of us that is love and light. And we have  a part of us that is fear and dark. The dark hurts when we judge it, push it away, repress it, and fight it. The light hurts when we judge it, push it away, repress it and fight it. Learning to love both parts is the very essence of being human. Both sides make up the coin that is each one of us.


The journey of this life is about accepting fear, and accepting love. We deeply desire that feeling, the sensation, the experience of LOVE. However, to get to love you must go through fear. Love is the light at the end of the tunnel. Fear is your teacher. Fear can become your friend and ally.

Two questions for you:

Are you rejecting fear?

Are you rejecting love?

Choosing to not love or befriend fear is crippling. Choosing to embrace fear IN ORDER to reach the love at the end of the tunnel is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself. Beyond your greatest fears is LOVE. #loveoverfearalways.


Share your thoughts below: Which one are you choosing today? What are your thoughts? I’d vote to hear back from you! Much love, Leila xx