When the future seems so uncertain…

*When the future seems so uncertain, one thing to seek out from within is LOVE in a world where fear seems to prevail.

*A second thing to seek out from within is being PRESENT so that anxiety about the unknown future is minimised.

*A third thing to seek out is TRUST that good will come out of what seems like a mess; Changes about what’s ok & what’s not, new conversations & ideas about the world we really want to live in. Then we can start taking new actions and pave the way forward for the future generations who are watching us with attentive eyes.

We’re all in this world together; as friends, as strangers, as family of different colours, faiths, dreams & desires.

Post your thoughts below: What kind of a world do you want to live in?

I’d love to read your inspirations below 🙂 Leila x