Create the world you want to live in

Everyday something is happening in the world that jolts our mind & body to wake up;

To help us to see what is around us in the world we live.

To wake up more to our light.

To wake up more to our desire of more love.

To be more helpful.

To be kinder.

To find more compassion.

To see more of this universe that we live in;

Expand your mind. Expand your ideas.

Allow yourself to flow with an open heart. Open your heart to heal your inner world. Day in day out.

The more you do that, the more you help heal the world we live in.


Your healing has a ripple effect on every man, woman or child who passes by.

Be prepared to discover more love, more forgiveness, more kindness and more service to humanity.

Be brave and explore a little more. You’ll discover more love. Your love is needed in this world.

Everyday step up a little more..find a little bit more of something new about you..and step into it with all your love.

Pave the way for someone who doesn’t know how, who doesn’t know what, who doesn’t know when, who doesn’t know why.

Be a shining example of being the first person in your world, who can help someone else be the first in their world. #leilaswisevibes



Post your thoughts below; What kind of a world do you want to live in? Let’s make it happen! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment-it’s so much appreciated x