12 ways to get the most out of a mentor

  1. Find your ideal teacher. Ask yourself, who do you want to learn from? Who do you connect with? Who do you want to learn from? Know what you are looking for and remember that who you connect with and are inspired by, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s gotta be a cool thing!
  2. Ask questions-the value you get comes from your genuine curiosity to learn more. You get all the insider knowledge that most people wouldn’t ever be able to learn from a book or elsewhere.
  3. Do what they say! Your mentor has already walked the path before you. The whole point of having a mentor is because they have already walked a path similar to the one you are currently on. They have learnt strategies, techniques, and a lot more
  4. Only ever choose a mentor because you like AND respect them. Their beliefs become yours. They are likely to become one of the 5 people you hang out with most regularly so be sure you like them
  5. Listen to your heart and use your logic. The journey with a mentor is your personal journey still. There are times when I don’t listen to my mentors, because I want to try and figure things out myself. Big mistake most of the times! I realise thatI
  6. Take full responsibility for your own choices and actions. Although a mentor can see your blind spots and highlight areas that require action, your choices are your own to make. The accountability is all yours. And, that is super exciting because it means that your results are because you  took action following the guidance of your mentor.
  7. You are the only person that can do the work. No matter how much you’ve invested in your personal and business development via books, online courses, seminars, free classes, one to one sessions, you are the only person that make your knowledge work.
  8. Enjoy the momentum!! It’s amazing how quickly progress can be made when you work with a mentor, if you 100% committed to doing the work. Enjoy the ride!
  9. Don’t always reinvent the wheels-sometimes the things that are working are the things that don’t need changing!
  10. Trust them and trust yourself-no matter who your mentor is, that person is still human, and still going through a life experience that is unlikely to be perfect. Let that be ok, and learn from the best of the best! Trust that you are both making decisions that are guiding you where you want to be.
  11. Be completely honest with them about where you’re at. Start where you are, and know that you are on a  journey which is a process.
  12. Expect to be challenged and called out! No taking it easy-time to get real!

Share your thoughts below: What would you want to gain from working with a mentor? What are you biggest dreams? Looking forward to reading your comments below 🙂