Have you outgrown your past?

Personal change is a funny thing. This is something which I have been working on forever 🙂 and what makes me laugh about it is that sometimes I still don’t realise that I HAVE changed…yet, I’m still asking to be better, more, better and more.

The hard knocks in life once in a while jolt me out of the asking and make me realise- ‘Oh shit, I have changed-I have become more loving, more forgiving, more open
etc ’.

It’s only when we have to become resourceful in either seeking solutions or letting solutions fall into place at the right time that we step into surrendering and trusting that the person we are to become is already in place. The person that existed in the past is the very one that has helped us to get to where we are right now.

We can tell that we have changed when the same people around us are talking about the same things over and over again-and whereas before it might have been interesting conversation, it now no longer holds any interest for you.

The things that are important to us change and aren’t the same as before

Our opinions change and step up to the next level.

Our dreams get bigger, and more daring..and along the way so dos our belief in achieving those dreams.

The hold of past experiences lessens, as we seek the treasures that those experiences were there to teach us.

We make choices that are different to before and notice more raised eyebrows from our friends and family..such as if you decide to become vegan, or not take white sugar in tea, or stay indoors rather than going out.

It’s always time to let go of who you were before-always time to let the past be. Outgrow your past. Live in the present moment. And, let yourself step into the new you, in every moment.




What aspects of yourself have you outgrown? What are you finding it difficult to let go of? Share your thoughts below, this is your place too 🙂 Leila xx