Letting go of the old ‘you’

In every moment, we are growing and evolving..totally unconsciously without realising.

The person you were on your last birthday no longer exists.

The person you were last week no longer exists.

The person you were just last night no longer exists.

Because: You have changed. You are NEW. Brand new. You’ve evolved and changed a little bit more today compared with last night, last week and last year.

The ‘you’ that was in the past is the person who helped you to get to this very place.

Every small moment that has passed has created a space for you to be more and more the person that you are deep down.

It doesn’t have to be a conscious thing or something that you realise you have done. It’s just natural. It’s just normal. You see, change is the most normal and natural process of life ever. There is no point fighting it because you are always getting exactly what you desire.

You are always getting exactly what you have asked for. Look for the positives around you. The past brought you lessons to help you evolve. Look back at how far you have come..not at the details..but in your inner awareness. She or he loved you and supported you to be here today. The person you are today has more knowledge, inner awareness and LOVE to take you further to your next level, your next space.

Just in the asking for something more, you have stepped into a new and different part of yourself. Your vision and perspective has altered because you see new possibilities.

New ways to experience yourself in a way that you have never before.

So, if you want to be:












Then ask yourself this question: Have I outgrown my ‘past me’? Am I willing to let go of her or him?

Set the intention and be willing to let go of the old you. Let yourself be ‘Brand new’


Quick q for you: What are you ready to let go of? Who do you really want to be? Share your comments below.  I’d love to hear from you! Leila x