Sometimes our dreams can come in messy packages.

For us dream-chasers, realising our dreams is not an easy process. We know that following the path of our passions is going to have many ups & downs, many twists & turns with many tests of faith & patience. The funny thing is that the ‘dreamer’ isn’t fazed as much as others around him or her. Most people believe that making a dream come true will, for certain be incredibly difficult and fraught with stress & challenges. They usually want all the answers from the dreamer- the ‘How?’ the When?’, the ‘What if’?’ Oftentimes, it is genuine concern, a lot of the time is their own projection of their fears.  This is why we applaud the dream-chasers; because we know and understand that it couldn’t have been an easy path. They had a dream and they inspired action to manifest on the outside. For the dreamer, it’s all about making choices that make things easy for them & the universe always fully supports anyone that is striving towards a dream. Especially one that is a deep heart desire; a true life purpose.

The dream serves a bigger purpose and is always about service to others; service to humanity. Service to our tribe. Not just providing an actual service, rather BEING of SERVICE. Through dedication, inspired action, emanating positivity & authenticity, unwavering commitment & determination to succeed. I’ve always believed that success is inevitable when you’re enjoying the ride of a lifetime no matter what the external circumstances; the realisation of a dream.

As well as the navigating the downs, the dream carries the promise of the ups-which far outweigh the negatives. The path to our dreams may look incredibly messy on the outside. That’s by the by. More important to ask is: on the inside, how does it feel? Joyful? Curious? Patient?

Family might be thinking why are you doing this? Why not get a job? Why go through the stress? (Which is a choice of fear) On the inside, the excitement boils, everything you be of service or product, make a sale, meet a new business partner etc.

The closer you get to your dream, the more your resolve seems like it is tested. The more your faith & self-belief seems like it is being tested. Unconsciously, you know that you’re ‘there’. As you get closer to your dream, you’re not actually being tested-what happening is this: Each step toward your dream is changing your feelings on the inside and so you are in fact raising your vibration. Raising your vibration is all about stepping into a new place, out of the comfort zone and closer to the realisation of your dream. Keep raising your vibration & increasing your frequency. Changing and evolving; this is why your dream is worth it. The world can only see the outside. Only you can feel the work you’re doing on the inside. NO-ONE else can feel it, or even ‘get’ it. And, most people are probably not going to get it. Nevertheless. Stay on your path, no matter how messy it looks on the outside. Stay patient, have faith, take inspired action, do your healing work along the way, have fun & laugh along the way, find your resources within your innate self. And go and unleash that dream, trailblazer!

Share below: what are your thoughts? What is the nest thing about realising a dream that you have realised? As always, let’s connect here!