Two powerful questions for deeper self-love.

In relationship with others, it can be very easy to lose yourself or put your own needs to one side as you meet others needs & desire. The way to get back on track with your self-love journey is to remember that you are the only person who can meet your own needs. The power of asking yourself quality questions is one of my key practices of self-love. Connecting with your true voice, and connecting with the part of you that gives you all the answers that you are looking for is by far the most loving act of self-love you could give yourself. No-one else can know your answers for you-no matter who the other person is-whether related biologically or otherwise.

The truth of living a life of love & joy is that you must get to know yourself INSIDE-OUT.

You must learn to respect your inner needs & desires like they require. By learning to respect your needs and desires, you are choosing to put yourself first. Something incredible happens when you put yourself first: other people in your life understand that you won’t be taken for granted, that you are you’re own person, that you are able to give your energy freely to others because you have not forgotten or lost yourself in the process. You deserve to experience the very joy of being you, being the love that you truly are and never apologising for being alive & making yourself feel better: loved.

#leilaswisevibes You DESERVE to experience the very joy of being you, being the love that you truly are & NEVER apologising for being alive & choosing to make yourself feel better i.e loved

The two most transformative, self-love questions that you could ever ask:

What do I want (right now)?


What do I need (right now)?

Wait to hear your inner answers. Do you realise that these questions are the very thing that could open up your whole entire relationship with self? So maybe you want to leave your job, or your current relationship, or you want to change things about how you look & feel inside. Maybe you have dreams to move abroad & travel. Maybe you want to be a business person who is currently stuck in a job you don’t like, maybe you want to unleash your creativity but think that the person you currently are is ‘too corporate’.

#leilaswisevibes Your personal power is in your questions. Your personal happiness & joy is in your answers.

As a linguist, I like to play with words & intonation; So have a go at saying these questions out aloud, and emphasising the capitalised words. What do you notice?


WHAT do I want?

What DO I want?

What do I want?

What do I WANT?


WHAT do I need?

What DO I need?

What do I need?

What do I NEED?

With the answers to these questions, can you give yourself each of those things today?

Here’s the absolute crux of the power of these questions. If you choose not to act on these questions, then you will remain easily influenced by other people making choices for you. This is the very thing that can make it seem like you’re a victim of other people. In reality, you’re not! Take the bull by it’s horns and put your self-love at the forefront of your life experience.  YOU get to choose, YOU get to decide exactly how you experience this life. Ask yourself these questions and act on them!! Have faith that you will find the resources to act on your inner answers. Your personal power is in your questions. Your personal happiness & joy is in your answers. A gentle nudge & a gentle reminder from me! 😉

Comment below: What do you want right now, and what do you need? I’d love to read to hear from you!

Excerpts taken from 101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! A guide to handling any problem with ease. Published by Black Card Books and available from here.