During the spring time, we often have inner sense of brushing off the cobwebs & starting again. Cleaning up what has gathered over the winter season, during the restropective period; cold days and cosy evenings in. The new season allows for a fresh start to take come to fruition as the energy shifts into new action and doing things differently.

This time of year is a great time to start again & to make some ‘energetic’ positive changes to these fives areas of your life. Below, I highlight some areas of ‘blind-spots’ that could do with spring cleaning:

Blind spot 1: Yourself

1. Shed off the old you & let go of the person you were yesterday. The winter time would have been one of reflection. One of contemplating of ‘wishing things were different’. In turn, manifesting new ideas and new ways.

2. Forgive yourself for being as you were; you were always being who you thought you had to be in any given moment. The human experience we are all having is about learning lessons, and allowing yourself to evolve to the point where you are as whole and healed as can be. Live up to your full potential by letting go through forgiveness. Let go of any relationships that you have been holding onto for fear of losing them. Let go of any thoughts of other people always being the same and so you know how they will react. Really important: Let go of living from the ego, especially if your heart is calling you to your truest, deepest desires


3. Love yourself differently this season-Are there times when you are un-kind about yourself or to yourself? Ideas about yourself that need shifting & changing? Is it time that you listened to your deeper needs & desires and acted on meeting them? Is it time to be braver than you have before and step up to your next level? Do you need to remember to be grateful to yourself first and foremost, for never giving up, no matter what?

4. Habits. It can be easy to do the same thing, in the same way over & over again. Because of habits, we can easily find ourselves creating a comfort zone that isn’t very challenging.In order to keep yourself challenged and stimulated, think about what habits you have…maybe eating chocolate or biscuits at the same time each evening, or talking the same route to work, or choosing the same food on the menu at the restaurant you go to. Consider switching it up and breaking out patterns. Do something different & keep yourself interested in your progress! 


Blind spot 2: Your relationships 

1.Be the first to say sorry, apologise & seek forgiveness. If this is something that you feel difficult to do physically, then try this: With the intention to release all the things you wish you could say, write a letter with all your fears, thoughts and emotions written down. Draw pictures & symbols if the words are too difficult. and then when you’re ready rip it up, shred it, cut it up, burn it (take your full responsibility for this one!) and release it with forgiveness. You might be very surprised at the restful sleep you have afterwards.

2. Are your relationships feeling a little strained or losing their spark? The responsibility is yours to  ‘add some jazz’ and bring back the sparkle! Think of new fresh ways to hangout and bring some new experiences into your relationships

3. Limit the amount of time you spend around people who speak negatively and who are focused on repeating the same story, or those people who don’t think to ask how you are or take your time and attention for granted. You are never under any obligation to spend your time somewhere you don’t want to be, so free yourself and choose who and how you want to spend your time & energy on.


Blind spot 3: Your home environment

1.Clear out all paperwork that no longer serves a purpose. It can be easy to let paperwork gather in a cupboard or in folders & without realising it, you’ve got years of old bills & notes, magazine cut-outs (in my case!) books, leaflets & flyers (lol, again in my case! Do you have the same habit too?!) Have a good ‘ole clear out and let go of anything that is blocking the energy flowing freely in your home environment.

2. Move furniture around to a different place or recycle/donate to a local authority that requires furniture for families on low income 

3. Maybe you are being guided to move to another a new area, city or country. If your heart is inspiring you to do so-then listen & act on it!


Blind spot 4: Your work place

1.Have you ever found that over time you have stuffed paperwork into a drawer, or piled up different groups of paperwork? You know that you would have to rummage through the pile to find that document you were looking for, saying to yourself ’I know it’s in this pile…somewhere!’ Do it today! Go through the pile and chuck out anything that is outdated and no longer needed!

2. Time to clear the desk! Start with a clean slate and organise your desk so you know where things need to go as opposed to piling up, and stuffing into the closest drawer.


Blind spot 5 : You health and fitness

1. Do you have an addiction to white sugar, or processed foods that you have been wanting to change for ages? Now is the time!  Although sugar addiction is one of the most difficult additions to cure, it can be done. One that you can try is to go cold-turkey and cut it out completely, limit the amount of sugar you take in coffees/teas/snacks. Find alternative sugar replacements such at molasses, or Agave honey, date sugar (amazing in cold-pressed juices!), coconut sugar to name a few.

2. Make the trip to the gym by arranging an induction with an instructor-they are usually super nice and want to understand your health & fitness goals better.

3. Also try something different at the gym-our bodies crave variety and by pushing our bodies with different exercises we let the muscles ‘feel’ challenged and keep our routines fresh.

4. Have you been putting off going to the docs? If so, Go! There is no time like the present and if you don’t ask, you won’t know. I have always believed that mental & physical health is more important that anything else-it’s always my responsibility to take care of them. Head to the docs and seek professional advice if needs be.


What are you spring cleaning this season? What could do with a re-boot in your life? Share below 🙂 Have an AWESOME day! Leila xx



(If you’d like professional help to clear deep patterns and blocks that this blog has highlighted, do email me to arrange a FREE Breakthrough Your Barriers  to Happiness, Health and Success consultation. There are many techniques I personally use to hep my clients reprogram their eating habits, phobias, fears, visualisations & taking inspired action)