Have you ever found yourself thinking one thing and feeling like you want to do another? But you rationalise and reason with yourself and make a decision based on your head/mind? More often than not, that might end up being no decision?

The most fundamental requirement for confidence, I believe is the ability to make decisions. Being able to choose what is right for you from an authentic place, and making a decision based on what others might think i.e, how others may judge you takes skill and mastery. Your mastery of decision-making comes with practise and being open to doing things differently. The more we are able to make decisions from our heart space, as opposed to ‘forcing’ a choice from our mind, the more we allow for self-trust and genuine confidence to grow.



Balancing making decisions from the mind with what your hearts desires are can give you untold freedom and joy. When we make decisions just from our mind space, we are more likely to become attached to the ‘successful fruition’ of that decision to be a certain way. When we balance our decision making from our heart space, we naturally allow for more trust and faith-again, key components of self-mastery. It’s all about  balance between to two: what feels right, and what is the best thing to do. Furthermore, the question about balanced decision making is also about asking yourself ‘Which do you value most?’ Head or Heart? Can you take the positives from both and learn to balance them without thinking you’ve got to go with one or the other?



My preference of making decisions based from my heart space COMBINED with my logical mind is what allows the Universe to become my ‘partner in manifestation’ and it takes the pressure off of me thinking/believing that I am in control, and that I alone have to live a life of ‘right’ decisions. The Universe is ALWAYS allowing you to course correct. You’ve nothing to worry about as you’ll always get to where you’ve wanted to be…as long as you master your decision making toolkit!



One last thing, indecision is always a decision. If you are ever stuck on making a decision from the heart because of fear of judgement of what others will think: remind yourself that this is your life, and your joy and happiness depends on the decisions you make for yourself.


As always, I’m here to guide you along the way and look forward to reading your comments below. How do you make your decisions? Which area are you looking to master?