Second coaching session:

I’m not sure exactly how to explain it but I just feel better LIGHTER is the only word I have I can’t really pinpoint anything but feel better THE ibs has not been too bad today little bit worse later on in day but all and all ok still a little constipated but not as bad either. Thanks again

First mentoring session:

I really enjoyed it and look forward to more don’t have much to comment on now as such as we have just begun I believe in you and I trust you to help me get shot of this ibs once and for all and to start living my life and receiving the things I want instead of what I don’t want.

IBS client and Business Woman, Scotland
“Seems I have come full circle back to what I believe in. But after being taught processes and techniques over the last six months, I have learned that this is what was supposed to happen, I was meant to reframe and work towards my business goal.”

“Well, what a six months it’s been! When I first started out on my life coaching journey, I had no idea what was going to happen. And it has been a few steps forward and A LOT back, but Leila made me realise that I still wanted to work for myself, I needed to find my self-worth, and needed to get over being afraid of failure and believing I was a fraud. So, I have now rebranded my business, made a lot of new contacts and have taken on a business partner who shares the same values as me and really believes in my concept.

I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for Leila, I would still be sitting at home crying and procrastinating, being taken in by media time-wasters, trying to sell me things that would help me gain more clients , etc. I learned through coaching that it is only ME who can make this happen, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Thank you Leila, worth every penny!”

“The penultimate session! Leila and I were troubleshooting future events I am going to host to increase clients. Managed to get a lot of good ideas down on paper, and feeling really excited and inspired. Love how Leila has taught me my own, authentic and individual approach to marketing. One idea definitely doesn’t suit all!”

Ninth session: “Had a brilliant troubleshooting session with Leila, focusing on marketing techniques that suit my own individual needs. Came out of the session with a lot to thing about and another idea that could be a potential marketing plan.”

Eighth session: “with Leila’s help I have finally revamped my business. We completed tasks in this session to grow this and take it to the next level. Left as always feeling inspired and excited.”

Seventh session (LinkedIn) “I am halfway through my life coaching with Leila, and I can honestly say it has been well worth the investment. Leila has taught me how to develop confidence in myself; as and individual, and as a business owner. I am now taking my business forward in a way that suits me personally and professionally. If it wasn’t for Leila, I would still be sitting here stuck in a rut.”

Sixth: ”With Leila’s help, I have now refocused my business ideas and goals. Leila produced a business plan for me. I love the fact that Leila has the same passion and drive that I have for my business, and has lots of ideas to help me make this a success. Feel really positive. Couldn’t have done this alone.”

Fifth session: “The last session proved to be a tough session for me due to my inner feelings and change in direction. However, Leila was very supportive and helped me cope with all my issues and fears. I now have a new plan and the Law of Attraction kicked in that very day when I started to believe in myself again! Thank you Leila.”

Fourth session: “I found this ‘brainstorming’ session really helpful. Leila managed to pull thoughts from my head that were sitting at the back with the mind monkeys! I now have a clearer vision of the path I would like my business to take.”

Third session: “Leila helped me to stay positive and to refocus and regroup my thoughts on why I was doing this, by taking me through some practical exercises. I now feel more energised and got through lots of my ‘to-do list’ when I got home. The time went too quickly again, so I feel, as Leila suggested, it might be beneficial to group a couple of sessions together in the future.”

Second session: “I found this session extremely useful. Through various exercises Leila helped me to move onto the next level in my business and I faced some of my fears. Felt great after and felt that I had really achieved some progression. Only downside was the session went too quickly!”

First session: “Even after my first session with Leila, I am now addressing my old thinking habits in a new light. This session inspired me to continue with my business, even though I have often felt like giving up and going back to my old job. Now I am adopting a more forward thinking attitude, using the techniques I have learned in this session.”

Alison, Glasgow
“Another inspiring mentoring session with Leila. I now have a lot of ideas to develop for my lesson plan. I love the way Leila truly helps with every aspect of my life, not just my direct business.”

“felt inspired after this session. It is nice to know Leila is supporting me in whatever I decide. We sat discussing ideas for two hours. A really beneficial session.”

“Leila has given me lots of interesting material and advice on how to progress my business. It’s so refreshing to exchange ideas with someone that has the same beliefs as me. I am so glad I decided to invest in Life is today Life Coaching.”

Alison, The Write Career, Glasgow
My last session with Leila was definitely encouraging and to remind me why I started my journey and why I need to keep on going. Leila helped me and provided me with incitement into seeing changes in my finances which was definitely motivating and positive. She also reminded me of the technique to help motivate me going forward as well as providing me with the anchor technique which I can use in any area of my life to see results. Leila has been an absolutely amazing coach and I’m so grateful to her for all the changes I have seen in myself, I cannot praise her enough and she was definitely correct in encouraging me to go down the coaching instead of counselling root. Thank you for everything Leila if it weren’t for you I would still be a victim of situations I have been exposed to and now I am taking an active control and making positive changes to my life.

Eighth session: “Looking back at when I began this journey I already feel like I have come a long way when it has only been a matter of months. There are still aspects that I need to develop on which is due to me continuing and giving every task my all. Regardless of this I have never felt more positive in my life. I feel like a whole other person when I see the transformation that has taken place in a few months and this is the enouragement I need to continue on this journey and give it my all!”

Seventh session: “I always finish my coaching sessions with Leila feeling like I could conquer anything. The coaching sessions are always relevant to what I would like to focus or improve on. The techniques that Leila uses are very effective, they make you realise or open your eyes to things that you hadn’t have otherwise noticed or known about yourself. Not only through the coaching session but after the coaching sessions Leila always enquires how I’m getting on with the tasks or generally. This definitely motivates me and encourages me to keep going.”

Sixth session “I am seeing massive changes in my life and in myself, in terms of confidence. I have never felt so grateful for everything I have and Leila has made me realise this and opened my eyes to this. Now that my main areas of concern as well as ideas of myself are changing I can start to focus on other areas I would also like to see changes in”.

Fifth session: “I am seeing massive changes in the coaching I have been receiving from Leila. I was struggling and lacking motivation when it came to my studies after returning back from my holiday. Thankfully from the coaching I received I got my thoughts together and realised the need for me to focus on my studies and to remember the reason why I had started studying. It encouraged me to put a plan of action in place.”

Fourth session: “I am noticing a major difference in myself and I can only thank Leila for this. With the help of the tasks she assigned to me I am able to notice big changes in myself. The one thing I lacked and I always mentioned this to Leila, was my confidence. However people at work have noticed how much more confident I appear, and to think of it yes I am much more confident than I was when I started this journey with Leila. I can only foresee bigger and better things to come.”

Third session: After discussing my finance situation with Leila, she gave me valuable coaching tips and advice as to what I can to do improve my situation. She put tasks forward for me to complete and while I did trial them for a short space of time I did notice a difference so I can only imagine the difference I will notice if I keep up with them. Leila helped me an awful lot and helped me by giving me her perspective on things. This was definitely an amazing session to date because I took a lot from it and I know I will notice changes from the tasks. Thanks Leila.

After my second session, I already feel a difference from the techniques Leila has used/s especially the ‘removing old habits’ technique . The way she analyses your information helps put things into perspective for you. You notice things differently than you normally did and your way of thinking changes. The tasks she puts to be done are deliberate that will enable you to see changes and I know by completing them I will see the difference in myself and that motivates me to do them.

My first session was great, I really felt comfortable as I was rather overwhelmed as to what I should expect. It helped put my mind in focus as to what I would want to achieve from this experience. As well as this I felt positive that I had made the first step into changing my life for the better. I loved the idea of the tasks because in a way it was like being given homework except this homework is going to help shape my life and what I want to attract into my life. The tasks were all shaped around me and what I can exchange for the negative behaviours that I have become used to. Overall it was definitely a positive first session and I can’t wait to start seeing changes in myself!

Rehana, Manchester
Leila is very knowledgeable in her field. The tasks were interesting and fun to carry out. Leila is fun, bubbly and easy to talk to. I found that she helped to lift my vibration just by being in her company.
Emma, Scotland
Second session: “I really enjoyed our second session, you are such an easy person to open up too and very inspiring at the same time, I’ve learnt to look at things from a completely different angle and am beginning to feel a change, not only am I going to the gym tomorrow I am going swimming in the afternoon. xxx”

First session: “Leila I really enjoyed our session, you are such a lovely person, I feel I look at the world in a different light, I’m more positive and really look forward to our next session”.

Jacqui, Scotland
“Thank you for 2 wonderful sessions. Already I feel more in control of my life. You have been very kind, inspirational and have opened a whole new world for me. I feel more confident and started to be more positive in my outlook on all aspects of my life. I cannot thank you enough, Leila.”
Angela, Devon
“Over the weeks and sessions I have worked with Leila, I have found that she has a fantastic insight into how people tick, how people think and more importantly how to get them to think. In this session Leila worked with some techniques which would allow me to be more free of fear. In this short time that we worked on this I have found it useful.One of them I have been using constantly in my daily life since the session and find it extremely helpful. One question I have asked myself when looking back over the sessions from the day I started was “what has changed/improved in the last 3 months?” Well, where do I start? When I started the sessions, I felt lost, flat and unsure of what I was doing. The main part of my journey was to find ME. I can say I have found ME and I like ME. ME is a person who laughs, ME is a person who likes life. ME is a person who knows he is wanted, and worthy. ME is a person who is in control of himself and what he wants to do. ME has some strategies to use to help ME achieve and conquer. I am ME and I am a fantastic person. Sometimes I hated looking at me but it has been an eye opening journey which Leila facilitated for me. If you are in any doubt about starting on this journey yourself, don’t. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Take the ride with Leila, she will help you find the right path, but only if you are open to it.”

“During all my sessions so far I have found that I am becoming more focused in what I am doing. Things have changed since my work with Leila began like sticking to the plan while not hating myself if I slip-up or make a bad decision. Before, I would beat myself up over a poor choice in food or not exercising, which would eventually lead to more bad choices such as binge eating. Now I am able to accept the poor choice and have confidence that it isn’t going to ruin all the work I have been doing. It’s just a speed bump in my day that can easily be rectified by making sure I take the right road throughout the rest of my day.

Another thing that has changed since my work with Leila is how I manage stress. The amount of stress I was handling is what played a key part in my emotional eating, poor sleep habits and inability to feel happy in my work environment. Once I started working with Leila, I noticed that suddenly there was less negativity in my life, more self-realization that I am capable and talented in my work and overall less stress. The benefit of less stress and negativity in my life, has allowed me to soar emotionally. A direct effect of my work with Leila has shown through in how I feel about myself. I don’t feel a black cloud hanging over my head. I don’t feel like I am in an upward climb in my weight loss goals. Every week, I am becoming more certain of myself and my tools. I understand that I will always be a work in progress. I am becoming my most professional self, and am happier in my career.”

Third session: “This session was more inward looking. I looked more at what I want in the future and how to achieve it. In some ways it caused me pain. Leila asked questions which at first I could not provide correct or appropriate answers to until I started talking and with startling moments of clarity the answers suddenly appeared. It was almost as if doors in my memory began opening up. Things I had somehow suppressed began to surface and make more sense. Answers suddenly leapt to the front of my mind. Addressing the issues and understanding how to deal with them and learn from them to allow you to move forward.

When I arrived at this session I did feel down. During it I went on a roller coaster of an emotional ride. I felt happy, dived to the depths and cried then rose again feeling lighter than ever. You know the feeling of butterflies you get when you go over the crest of a hill in a car quickly. That is what it felt like. I tell you that night I slept like a baby.”

“During my second session with Leila, I found her to be as easy to talk to as the first time. This time however she was armed with more inquisitive questions than last time. As the session developed Leila made me think more about myself and how I perceived things in my life that I was finding mundane and a waste of time. Targets were given for me to achieve over a week and four week basis. I was allowed to give my input into whether I thought they were possible and I was allowed to change some, for the better. Too much time would make me undecided about doing them.

So far Leila has been a great addition to my life. I have thought about how to achieve some things, managed to get rid of unwanted baggage and begin to refocus. All in all I would say this is success and want to continue it.”

“Hi I would just like to give this short testimonial about Leila. I have just begun my wonderful journey with her. I met Leila for my initial session so that we could get to know each other and see if the life coaching could assist me in my journey to find myself again. I have to admit that as soon as I met Leila, I could not help but be infected by her enthusiasm for her job and her willingness to help others. I will say that you have to be explicitly honest from the start for someone like Leila to help you. As we talked, I found myself feeling uplifted. I could not wait to get started. I wanted to leave straight away and begin. That same evening I began de-cluttering my life. I cleaned out kitchen cupboards that had been upsetting me for a while. I know it sounds strange but doing that made me feel better.

I cannot wait to begin my sessions in earnest. I await the challenges that are coming to me and relish the thought that with Leila’s help and support, I can be the person that I used to be. If you need to find yourself or are searching for something, I wholly recommend asking Leila to be in your corner to help you”

Steven, Glasgow
“After my fifth and sixth session I could get the clearness I needed about myself and my personal path. Leila ask me to write down about who I am and to list all my abilities. I helped me very much to see an expanded version of myself and to make decisions about my near future. All the tecniques Leila used were beneficial for me. If I look back and remember which were my concerns when I begun my coaching process It’s evident I’ve solved my worries and much more. I’m more centered and clear about my plans, my life and what I need. I highly recommend Leila as a Life Coach.”

Fourth session: “Sometimes remembering turns out a painful experience. In today’s session I was concerned about a particular memory form the past, that kept coming back associated with very sad feelings. Leila offered me a NLP technique which was supposed to help me vanishing the upsetting feelings. I was skeptical, but agreed. It was surprisingly fast and effective! After the session I could recall the memory without bad feelings for the first time in years. It’s a relief, I needed that. Thank you!”

Third session: “This session was even more powerful than the second one. Today I developed a deeper knowledge about dark sides of myself, loose ends from the past that needed to be completed and transmuted. This is not the first time I’m lucky to be helped by a coach and certainly this is not the first time I address this past situations. But this is definetly the first time I feel I can relax, and trust in my coach Laila, she would never judge or patronise me, instead, she ask the most clever questions in a simple way to help me find my own truth. Again, I felt it was magic.

Like a loving angel pointing to the right path, respectfully. This was a tough session, and at the same time a key one.”

Second session: “After the second session a big door opened for me when I saw I’ve been thinking too much and reframed very quickly the situation: I needed to exercise more.This was more than doing sport, I was able to understand my body and this gave me more confidence in myself.This clarity helped me to decided exploring Pilates, Zumba and Kickboxing classes at he local gym and founded it was very useful for me at a holistic level.I also felt joyful and satisfied enough to bake a cake! After Zumba class I realised my mind works too much, drifting from one thought to another, I came to the conclusion that overthinking was blurring real life.

Leila told me to remember to be grateful and thank you for all the positive in my life. My first thanks emerged about her. I thought I was a very lucky person to have met Leila and how quickly felt the awareness when we are together. It’s like magic.

I believe she has a natural talent to see the holyness in everyone and is capable to bring the light up in everyone. Leila has a natural wisdom that comes from her brave heart. I’m grateful I’ve met her.”

“Doing coaching with Leila is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I live in Barcelona and was considering to improve my career and eventually move to UK. This was a challenging time for me, so I needed professional help. I felt myself anxious and suffered from lack of confidence. The shadow of failure tormented me and made me feel uncertain about my future.

During the first session with Leila I could see that she was a very intelligent, empathic and warm person who knows how to question limiting beliefs. She made ​​me think a lot! Truly I hadn’t considered the possibility of making progress so quickly. Before the second session I did remarkable progress that approached me to my goals.I want to share my experience to encourage those who are facing major challenges. It’s important to receive proper guidance from a coach who understand our needs, and this is a talent Leila definitely owns.”

Patricia, Barcelona, Spain (Skype)
“I have always thought of myself as a positive person but I recently became disillusioned with my business direction and in need of clarity when I met Leila.The tools that I learned in our sessions and the difficult questions that she asks definitely helped me learn how to deal with life and people and I feel the best physically and mentally I’ve felt in a long time.

By helping me to see the different options that I could apply to my business and remove my creative block she helped me DOUBLE my sales and income in 1 month from meeting her! I would highly recommend Leila to anyone looking for more clarity and to get more out of their life”

Stacey, Glasgow
“I had the pleasure of working with Leila on a recent service development project. Leila has an excellent grasp of the fundamental issues effecting businesses in the post 2008 environment and I would have no hesitation in working with her again in the future…”
Dr William (Bill) McKechnie, Smbioteq Consulting
“Leila’s caring manner and clever questioning really helped me move out of my confusion. I can’t wait for another session and would absolutely recommend her.”
Hilary, Glasgow
“I loved our coaching session last week. Our discussions combined with the NLP technique we worked through has helped me immensely. Your enthusiastic and passionate approach to helping people has motivated me to challenge myself and move forward with my dreams. I am very grateful for that. Many thanks.”
Geraldine, Glasgow
“Leila has a uniquely positive outlook on life. Her optimism is infectious and her compassion and desire to help other people make her ideally suited to Life Coaching. This is a professional who clearly knows her stuff and it is impossible to spend time with her without feeling motivated.”
Oli Corse, Bristol
“Having experienced most forms of Therapy-including CBT, Humanistic and Gestalt with varying results, After only one session with Leila, I felt I had made significant progress with resolving my subconscious blocks to achieving my goals. Her voice, manner and energy really took me to a feeling place within my memories and gently guided me to an objective space from which I have the power to clear my mind. I feel confident to progress to my goals and would highly recommend Leila to anyone interested in personal development.”
Karen, Glasgow
“Leila – Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the coaching you gave me. It’s not always easy to open up about my emotionally sensitive struggles no matter how big or small. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart and relating to men. I truly loved and appreciated your relaxed, friendly and fun approach which helped me a great deal to be honest with myself and address the issue I felt was holding me back from moving on and creating space for the right guy to come into my life. The best lesson I believe I have taken away from Lit Life Coaching is that I need to be more ‘into me’. That whilst it’s important for me to give and put others first, I shouldn’t feel guilty for giving myself a little more attention and care in all areas of life. I look forward to more self pampering and feel good about the future.”
Luipa, Glasgow
“Leila has really helped me to make some positive changes to my life. I was so confused about everything and didn’t know how do things differently. Leila was so good at asking me the right questions which made me stop and think. She helped me realise that I had the answers within me. Thank you Leila.” (Third session update) “I have started back at work part time and reckon the Hypnosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been a great help. I’m not feeling as sick, which means my medication has reduced, and I seem to be pacing myself as well as pushing myself. I do get really tired in the afternoons but it’s to be expected. I’m functioning a lot better. Thank you Leila!”
Kylie, Bristol
“Leila had a very calming way of speaking and made me feel comfortable throughout the session. She did not speak too fast, but at a steady space and I could tell she was observing my response to ensure she was using the right language, pace etc. Leila acted professionally throughout and was able to build a rapport quite quickly, I found it easy to trust her. A very cool, easy person to talk to who I would not mind having a coffee with. Very unclinical and natural…I would highly recommend coaching with her; I would only go to a trusted source such as this NLP practitioner. You can tell from just the first session that she is very thoughtful and is very clear about her goals. She understands her skills and is confident and respectful in the way she handles her clients. I would definitely recommend her.”
Katie, Manchester
“Leila brings skill, passion and real insight into the world of coaching and NLP, I can recommend her and her professional skills to anyone that is seeking authentic and change in their lives. Her attitude and abilities will help you to reach out and achieve success and fulfilment, a real example of the true spirit of NLP.”
Ben Grassby, INLPTA Accredited Master Practitioner, United Kingdom
“The first thing I came across when meeting Leila was her uplifting personality and positive outlook in Life. She has a great way of understanding me & getting to the bottom of some of my underlying problems. After my 1st session I felt more focused & back on track. From now on I take a different approach to my hectic work schedule, I am less stressed, which definitely improves my overall well being & lifestyle. I would highly recommend Leila, she is very passionate about her job & has a great ability to help others with her different skills.”
Lynn, Glasgow