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Next Level Life Coaching Session

•Are there areas in your life where you feel a little stuck and unsure of how to move forward?

•How would you like to discuss with a life coach and be offered REAL & ACTIONABLE strategies to move forward?

My name is Leila Khan and I am the author of 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! A guide to handling ANY problem with ease. I also work with clients around the world on improving areas of their life and business which are currently causing loss of self-confidence, motivation, stress, anxiety or a lack of direction.

From time to time, we all need someone impartial to talk to, and I love helping others to overcome any obstacles in their lives.

On this two hour call,

1. I will share a presentation with you on the power of the mind, and how we can use it to improve our happiness, wealth and success in life.

2. You’ll also have ample time to ask questions about any areas of your life that you want to improve however you’re not sure what to do.

3. We’ll also do a super-powerful creative visualisation (to help your bring your ideal future closer to you)

4. You’ll have an opportunity to connect with the others in a safe environment.

It may be that you do not have as much confidence in yourself as you’d like and it’s affecting your relationships, work/business, or it may be that you have bouts of loneliness & depression and you’re not sure how to move forward. Maybe you push yourself to succeed but for some reason, keep getting knocked back.

This coaching call is ideal for you if you are ready to make some positive changes but you’re unsure of what to do or how to do it.
If you are willing to commit to your personal progress and improve your life, then sign up today as spaces are limited and they will fill up!
Are you ready to commit to YOUR personal development and willing to go the extra mile FOR YOU?
You’ll gain clarity, motivation, actionable steps, powerful teaching on how to improve your life, and A-ha moments that you’ve been waiting for.
I’m always in your corner, supporting you to become the best version of yourself. You’ve got it!
FREE personalised & signed copy of 101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! A guide to handling any problem with ease. Published by Black Card Books. (RRP £32.00)
FREE UNLIMITED 12 months email coaching & mentoring (Value £500.00)
FREE 60 min one to one Breakthrough your Barriers to Happiness, Wealth and Success Consultation. (Value £497.00)
And, other surprises along the way!
Sign up today to reserve your place and together we’ll get you closer to the happiness and success you desire! As always, life is today and you can transform your life, relationships and business.
Leila x

Feedback from clients, delegates and readers:

When I’ve spoken to Leila I find sheer wisdom and an utter place of truth. It’s as if I’ve dropped down into some space where I can grow, be empowered and somehow find my truth through the words and wisdom she shares. Leila is not only well read, educated and qualified in her field, she is a natural too. She has come to this work with an open heart, ready to help others with their experience of life and I believe it is her calling to do so. She is a well of information and has a heart that resonates in truth, which I believe is love. When I speak to her I feel supported, held and encouraged. Her work is magic in this sense as she always has a resource to use or word to share that is comforting. When she doesn’t she will listen and then find a way to guide you back to your own truth and inner wisdom. I thank my lucky stars that Leila walked into my life, because I believe she was meant to be there. She inspires me, she sees me and she reflects to me my power and all I am capable of. Working with Leila, listening to Leila or reading her words are a coming home of sorts. She is one of the greatest natural spiritual teachers of this time and I am grateful to know her. I wish her success as it’s defined in our society. But I know in my heart she is already there, already successful; because of her natural ability and calling she can help so many people find their way home too. She is here to empower and guide and teach. We are blessed to feel her light. Light and love.
Angela, County Durham.

Since connecting with Leila a few years ago I have truly been inspired by her, she is authentic,honest and her pearls of wisdom have proven valuable. I have witnessed Leila’s dreams come true,she is an inspiration, encouraging others to shine bright, dare to dream, believe in themselves. Love all she represents, I would not hesitate to recommend Leila. Wishing her continued success in her journey. She is a star.Janet, Darlington.
Leila is an outstanding teacher, coach and mentor with profound wisdom and an uncanny ability to positively transform lives and help people live confident, stress-free and fulfilling lives. Her enthusiasm, infectious laugh and authenticity truly sets her apart. She has the ability to lift even those at the lowest points in their life. This book really resonated with me because it has the perfect solutions to any life obstacle I come across. I would highly recommend Leila’s work.       Numba Pinkerton, Author of No Black Project, Glasgow.

Leila Khan, an entrepreneur, author, and speaker is one of the inspirational and motivational role model for the society especially for the Asian community. She inspired me when she delivered a talk to an audience of 2000 at London Excel. I have not seen such a brilliant and future oriented lady like Leila who has achieved a lot in a very short time. Leila you are contributing huge to the society. Keep it up my dear.
Dr Javed Iqbal , London

Leila is a wonderful warm passionate and kind hearted person who deeply cares. Her mission and life’s work is extremely important to her and this is embodied and expressed in everything she does which is beautiful. I loved hearing Leila speak. I was so inspired and really look forward to hearing and seeing her more often on stage!
Naomi , London

Leila is a force of nature and looks good in the process! This was a brilliant meetup. Leila was professional and a great young mind. Definitely recommend.


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