Money is more than the paper or metal that is in your wallet. It is an incredibly powerful ‘energy’ of exchange. Many people associate money with happiness and here I share 10 reasons money alone can’t make you happy.

10 reasons money alone can’t make you happy

  1. It’s an ally. We all have a relationship with money-this relationship may be one of mutual respect and understanding or one of lack of understanding and based around fear.
  2. Money gives you choices and options when you have it. It’s about valuing the freedom it gives you.
  3. The big questions in life that humans ask themselves have nothing to do with money. The majority of us want to know ‘Who am I? and why am I here? What is the point of life? Those answers have nothing to do with money. Those answers are all found deep within, from your relationship to self.
  4. Life experiences create memories. Those memories have nothing to do with money. It may cost to pay for an awesome holiday to New Zealand, or Canada or Egypt however the memories of FUN, JOY and laughter have zero to do with money.
  5. Happiness is an inside job. The end result of what money can do can often feel like happiness, however the quest for happiness is always an inside though fears, heal any past traumas, talk about and release old beliefs-let yourself evolve as a person.
  6. You can only attract more money and wealth into your life as you consciously recognise the words you associate money with. Change any fear based language to language of abundance, allow your feelings to change at the same time and watch the abundance start rolling in!
  7. Communication is the core skill of being human. It doesn’t cost a penny to speak to someone with respect!
  8. Being kind costs nothing either. Live in the moment and treat others as you would treat your younger self.
  9. Imagine yourself in these two scenarios: You with money and you without money. Do you change and become someone different? What if your happiness levels were exactly the same regardless of how much money you had.Would it change your happiness levels?
  10. Your personal integrity has nothing to do with money. Your morals and your choices, how you treat others and how they treat you back, again has nothing to do with money! True friendships and relationships are built on mutual respect, acceptance, kindness and love-money helps certainly to be able to pay for nights out, parties, house dinners, holidays etc.

Bonus: Never make money the source of your happiness. Your source of happiness comes from inside you, it’s the feeling of love that is inside you that the pursuit of happiness is all about.

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