5 ways to better self-care

5 ways to better self-care

Taking care of yourself and your needs is a must, especially when you have people relying on you. That may be older parents, children, colleagues, a partner and so on.

For years, I got myself caught up in a negative spiral of saying ‘Yes’ to everything and without realising I had become an angry people pleaser!

I began to resent myself when someone asked me to do something because I couldnt say ‘No’ I thought it more important to put myself last, after meeting others needs.

As I began to realise that the anger I felt towards others was unhealthy and unfair, I started to break my patterns.

We all love to help and support one another. It’s a beautiful way of showing how we LOVE. It’s an act of love. However, it has to come from a place of YOU loving yourself FIRST and then in turn giving to others.

There is nothing wrong with keeping your own time to yourself, doing things you like that others might not, saying ‘no’ just because.

Always be honest with yourself. Love others by saying Yes to you, so when you say yes to them it’s because you CAN and want to say ‘yes’.

Here are five ideas on how to be there for yourself:

  1. Switch off the digital age and spend time reading a book! Go to a local coffee shop, or a library and lose yourself in a book.
  2. Try different dance classes; there are so many different styles of dance to explore. Do something different to move your body around and loosen up.
  3. Join a course, class or workshop you’ve always wanted to. Expand your knowledge and skills by studying something of personal interest. Education is timeless and ageless; you never know you might make some awesome new friends!
  4. Sign up for a themed holiday; there are all sorts of holiday ideas…Yoga retreats, art courses, walking holidays, adventure holidays, writing retreats, cooking holidays…and so much more!
  5. Balance your ‘YES’ and ‘No’. Put yourself first IN ORDER to be there for others with all the love you have. You’ll learn to trust your judgements and make decisions that come from a heartfelt place.

Life is meant to be enjoyed-have fun!!

Share your thoughts below; how do you like to take care of your needs? Do you spend too much time meetings others needs and want to change that pattern?

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