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Leila Khan is an author, public speaker, a self-mastery expert, teacher and mentor of personal transformation. She is the winner of ’Outstanding Woman in Business, in Scotland’ and recently spoke on stage to around 2000 people at the National Achievers Congress in London. She also shared the same stage as Tony Robbins. Her second book 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s  Biggest Obstacles! is published in November 2016.

Leila is available for keynote speaking, business & personal development seminars, team & one to one coaching or mentoring. She is also the creator of The Trailblazers Mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level in their personal and business life.

She passionately engages, motivates and inspires professional ‘success seekers’ to lead lives that fulfil their core desires using the incredible power of the mind. She teaches and encourages self-mastery to energise the human spirit and experience the deep well of inner potential for a happy, meaningful and satisfying life.

Contact her to have a conversation about how she can create something uniquely motivating and beneficial to your organisation or for further information. She’s ready to inspire!


Personal bio:


Hey hey, fellow success seeker!

What Leila loves about life the most is how much fun it is when she’s doing all the things that inspire her soul and spirit, such as connecting with people like yourself who want more from life:  who just want to be happy, physically and mentally healthy, whilst coming from a place of love.

She’s an astute and tenacious dreamer with a ‘find a way’ plan and makes things happen…She’s been manifesting and creating her destiny since she was 7 or 8 and worked in internationally-recognised leading department stores, experienced the corporate rat race (!), contributed to educating and inspiring bright young minds to ‘never give up, never give in, be yourself and give the world the best of you’. She believes the world could do with more people who are truly happy within themselves, creating wealth doing the things they love from a purpose-driven place, whilst learning how to move through fear and not push it away. She REALLY wants to help you; help her to make this happen!

Gratefully applying all her skills and abilities as a languages teacher, mentor and coach, Leila is passionate about guiding you to work out HOW you do what ONLY YOU do best..we are all unique beings, after all! She helps her clients get successful results by asking questions and discovering creative solutions; usually from ‘out of the box and rebellious’ perspectives that most people don’t share (It confuses the ‘eck out of most people which can be quite funny, really!).

Through her speaking engagements, regular inspirational blog, published books, online coaching programs, group coaching sessions, one to one coaching programs, life coaching meetup group, and a whole host of other things, she is committed to supporting you to attract your deepest desires, unlimited success and inner peace and happiness. Subscribe to her newsletter for tips, strategies and updates! Let’s do it!

Leila is passionate about supporting people who want more out of life, who no longer want to be held back by their past, who want to be themselves, especially, if like her, you don’t fit a mould or a conventional box, who just want to do the best they can and get by in life by giving more of themselves to others. Embody all of who you are and see what magic you can create!

Contact her on 0141 582 1268

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