Celebrate your successes

Celebrate your successes.

Take a look back, over your shoulder as you think about how far you’ve come. To that time when you were just starting out. Maybe it was a job, maybe it was when you left school, maybe when you asked your partner out or they asked you out. Maybe it’s another time altogether.

Ask yourself, how far have I come? And, then allow the positive memories to flood your mind, of all the things that you have lost and gained. Be patient and let your mind wander. 

Say to yourself “Wow, look at how far I have come” No one can acknowledge your own progress, but you.

Maybe you knew at the time when you were starting out that this was going to a hard thing to do, full of challenges and full of uncertainty. Or, you possibly had no idea and you were just in it for the ride!

You see, the progress that you have made may seem invisible to you right now.

Maybe life got really busy and couldnt keep up the pace and speed.

Or, life possibly just got dulled down and so there hasnt been much pace or energy.

Either way though, you’ve made progress.

Where you were, is no longer where you are.


And, this is what life is all about.

The person that you are, now that you have your job or business, your qualifications or experience, family, close relations is someone who has already made progress.

Change is progress. Progress is change. 

Celebrate your journey so far, and celebrate your expansion. 

Being alive is about expanding: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially. It’s about letting yourself become the person that you know deep down that you are.

When it can seem as if there is not much to be grateful for, look around and notice your blessings. Notice how far you have come in life.

Notice how much progress you have made. It doesnt matter for a moment what anyone else thinks. They have zero idea how hard it’s been.

Ask yourself, “What are the blessings in the job that I have? What are my silver linings?

What are the blessings in the work that I have been doing?

Slow down, and give yourself the time to sit and take some time out. When you notice how far you have come, remember this: You have something to celebrate! You’re always making progress! Notice your daily progress & celebrate everyday! Dont just keep the celebrations for your birthday, Christmas, Diwali, Eid or Hanukkah.

Celebrate daily to acknowledge your efforts and progress.

Go out and party! Chill over dinner. Go on a shopping spree. Do something different! Go out dancing! Book a class, book a holiday! Treat yourself like youve never treated yourself before! Just remember how far you have come.

Share below how far you have come in life and all the blessings that you are celebrating. Share your progress with myself and the other readers! And, keep going!

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