How to improve your work ethic
Bring driven and ambitious about your work is one thing; having the empowering attitude to keep going is another.
Here are some ideas I recently shared with MyDeal on how to improve your work ethic:
1. Long term objective The first thing to do is to ask yourself what your long term objective is that you would like to achieve from your work. By shining a light on this, you’ll find the inspiration to keep going through the inevitable hurdles, obstacles and issues.
2. Recognize what’s working and not working Look at what you current work ethic is, recognize what is working so far and do more of that. You’ll also recognize what isn’t working and those are the ‘spaces’ to improve on.
3. Fear of failure or success Ask yourself whether you are afraid of failure or success and check in to see if there is a pattern of behavior that requires some positive changes.
4. Value your mental health and physical wellbeing Be committed to working smart, not hard. Burnout creeps up slowly over time and this is why working hard in not an effective long-term work ethic. I’ve found that you mast take care of your physical well-being and mental health by being smart.
5. What works best for you? Look at how you work best and work to your optimum times. So, for example do you prefer to work out at the gym before work, clear your emails, be creative, take a late lunch, take regular breaks and walks to break up your day etc.
6. Work backwards Ask yourself “What results are you looking to get and what’s getting in the way of making that happen? Work backwards to change habits such as procrastination, lack of confidence, feeling like a ‘fraud’ etc.

Enjoy working from a place of personal empowerment by taking care of yourself and your mental health.
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