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The Trailblazer Mentorship 

with Leila Khan

Are you looking for a mentor who will guide you to your NEXT LEVEL in your personal and business life? Someone who will help you with your blind spots, guide you and support you along the way to realizing your dreams of love, happiness, wealth and business/career success?


Have you been through difficult times in the past that you are ready to move on from?

Do you want to:

*Earn more than you ever have before?

*Get promoted at work?

*Attract the love of your life & maintain your intimate relationships with the spark you desire?

*Understand how you learn best?

*Move on to your life’s purpose?

*Learn to love yourself and no longer feel insecure, so that you can be there for others?

Something else?

Leila Khan is the one to get you there!

Having been through many traumas & an abusive childhood/adolescence, Leila never gave up on coming through many adversities in order to be happy, wealthy and successful.

The Trailblazers Mentorship is her newest dynamic and unique coaching & mentoring program! This is what you receive:

LIVE Weekly business and/or personal development classes

Office hours to speak with Leila for mentoring, coaching or second opinion.

Live group coaching calls.

Audio recordings of calls and classes.

Workshops in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow

Free webinars.

Unlimited email coaching

Online training videos 

Personalized motivation and inspiration

Private and confidential coaching & mentoring.

Free PDF, audio & video resources

Become a part of Leilas #lifeistodaytrailblazers community 

VIP Mastermind days in London, Glasgow of Edinburgh on Wealth, Happiness and Success mastery.

Social events & get-togethers.

Free downloadable copies of 101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! and ‘My Little Red Book of Wisdoms’

Lifetime access to the resources

Plus so many other surprises along the way!


Read on to find out more…

Why is Leila your mentor?

Leila is 36 years old, and in her life she has achieved so much..and been through a lot at the same time.

She is tenacious, astute and never gives up.

Her early childhood was marred by physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse. At the age of 12, she could no longer handle and carry the burdens that were on her young shoulders and decided the only way for the pain to stop was to leave this world. Clearly that didn’t happen!

By divine intervention, she survived another day, and another and another.

She decided on that night that she was going to live; not JUST live, but FEEL ALIVE and no longer make apologies for being born; a girl, a free-spirit, different, a rebel. 

With this depth of wisdom, she decided to make the very most of her life by listening to her intuition and healing all the scars of the past. At this point, she began writing her first book ‘My Little Red Book of Wisdoms’ (self-published). 

Life was still not easy, and there were many more traumatic experiences to come. With the help from counsellors and coaches, she has learned to heal with compassion, love & forgiveness.

The spark of her life comes from her desire to reach the unlimited potential she has to be the creator of her true love, health & financial destiny. 

She is a qualified secondary school teacher of French and Spanish, & has lived in France.

She has worked at Harrods and Canary Wharf in London, making over £1million within a short space of time.

She always had a plan for promotion & personal progression when employed and moved up the ranks to assistant headteacher & senior management in various employments.

She has also been a mentor since her teens in a number of different capacities, as a student mentor, teacher and management mentor. 

She trained as a Master practitioner of NLP in 2013 and set up the Life is Today Academy Personal Transformation company in 2013.

The company is going from strength to strength and offer: Personal & business development seminars in Glasgow and London, one to one and group coaching, online wealth creation training’s and so much more.

She is also the creator of the Trailblazers Mentorship, her flagship programme for millennials and generation X who want to realize their business & relationship dreams.

As a languages teacher, mentoring & coaching are completely natural components of her skill-set as an educator. She has the experience, skills, knowledge and intuitive insights to take people to the next level in their personal progression.

She is an international speaker and has shared the same stage as Tony Robbins at the National Achievers Congress in London where she spoke to an audience of nearly 2000 people.

She has been featured in magazines, on two Business TV shows & guests blogs regularly. 

There isnt much that phases Leila and with the life she has had, she has witnessed the dark and the light of life and humanity. She has experienced and witness violence and abuse, made many mistakes, failed exams, not passed interviews, been dumped & done the dumping (!),  been forced into an engagement & rejected from a culture, been married & divorced and more.

She used to be deeply depressed, anxious, stressed out & so much more.

All revealed as you get to know her through your mentorship. 

Yet, EVERY SINGLE TIME, she has picked herself up and carried on despite the odds. 

If you are looking for a genuine mentor, a teacher, a self-mastery expert, an author, a public speaker & businesswoman/entrepreneur to help take you to YOUR next level, make the call to Leila today!

Life is TODAY to create your tomorrow #leilaswisevibes 

Put your dreams of happiness at the forefront and learn from Leila; Shes been awarded Outstanding Woman in business, shared the same stage as Tony Robbins, and spoken on stage to an audience of nearly 2000 people in London. She lives her life as an example to others whilst making mistakes all the time and carrying on. All that is left at the end are stories and memories. Make your life stand out because you chose to stand up, step up and live from YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL.


Email or call her today on 0141 582 1268 to find out more details.

Best decision ever!