“Leila is a passionate and highly enthusiastic teacher of personal development. Her book 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! offers many strategies to turn your problems into valuable blessings.”

Usha Chudasama Author of Your Happy Child

“Leila is an incredibly talented lady that certainly knows how to be successful in life and business. In 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! you will get access to the secrets of her success. This is the ultimate guide on how to overcome your problems, and create a successful life ahead. Start living and loving your life, master your mind and understand your emotions by reading it now, you won’t be disappointed.”

Charlie Reading Author of The Dream Retirement

“Leila Khan has really stepped up to the mark with her phenomenal book 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles!. In this amazing book she speaks about using the power of your mind to cultivate bravery and courage and also emphasises that there is a solution to every problem. This book will empower you to take inspired action.”

Michelle Watson Author of Overcome & Rise Above

“No matter your age or stage in your life 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! by Leila Khan will help you reach your goals faster so you can enjoy your success and improved quality of life. If you desire your dreams to come true then this is the book to read and Leila is the one to help you!”

Anastasia Button Author of #NewJobNewLife

“When I spoke to Leila, I find sheer wisdom and an utter place of truth. It’s as if I’ve dropped down into some space where I can grow, be empowered and somehow find my truth through the words and wisdom she shares. Leila is not only well read, educated and qualified in her field, she is a natural too. She has come to this work with an open heart, ready to help others with their experience of life and I believe it is her calling to do so. She is a well of information and has a heart that resonates in truth, which I believe is love. When I speak to her I feel supported, held and encouraged. Her work is magic in this sense as she always has a resource to use or word to share that is comforting. When she doesn’t she will listen and then find a way to guide you back to your own truth and inner wisdom.
I thank my lucky stars that Leila walked into my life, because I believe she was meant to be there. She inspires me, she sees me and she reflects to me my power and all I am capable of.
Working with Leila, listening to Leila or reading her words are a coming home of sorts. She is one of the greatest natural spiritual teachers of this time and I am grateful to know her.
I wish her success as it’s defined in our society. But I know in my heart she is already there, already successful; because of her natural ability and calling she can help so many people find their way home too. She is here to empower and guide and teach. We are blessed to feel her light.”

Light and love, Angela, County Durham

“Leila’s second offering, 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles!, is an easy to use guide and an excellent reflection of her in-depth knowledge and experience in this topic.
Leila has come a long way overcoming challenges after challenges and through her sheer determination, she managed to achieve her dreams. In my humble opinion, she is the Iron Lady of the 21st century! I have personally met her, spoken to her, heard her presentation about her life story, and I can confirm that she is truly inspirational. It was because of her that I have started to follow my own dreams.”

Tet Ho Food Scientist, Internet and Social Entrepreneur

“Leila is an outstanding teacher, coach and mentor with profound wisdom and an uncanny ability to positively transform lives and help people live confident, stress-free and fulfilling lives. Her enthusiasm, infectious laugh and authenticity truly sets her apart. She has the ability to lift even those at the lowest points in their life. This book really resonated with me because it has the perfect solutions to any life obstacle I come across. I would highly recommend Leila’s work.”

Numba Pinkerton Author of No Black Project, Glasgow

“Leila brings skill, passion and real insight into the world of coaching and NLP, I can recommend her and her professional skills to anyone that is seeking authentic and change in their lives. Her attitude and abilities will help you to reach out and achieve success and fulfilment, a real example of the true spirit of NLP.”

Ben Grassby INLPTA Accredited Master Practitioner, United Kingdom

“Leila is a wonderful warm passionate and kind-hearted person who deeply cares. Her mission and life’s work is extremely important to her and this is embodied and expressed in everything she does, which is beautiful. I loved hearing Leila speak. I was so inspired and really look forward to hearing and seeing her on stage more often!”

Naomi London

“Since connecting with Leila a few years ago I have truly been inspired by her, she is authentic, honest and her pearls of wisdom have proven valuable. I have witnessed Leila’s dreams come true, she is an inspiration, encouraging others to shine bright, dare to dream and believe in themselves. I love all she represents, and I would not hesitate to recommend Leila. Wishing her continued success in her journey, she is a star.”

Janet Darlington

“Leila is a lovely inspiring woman with a lot to give to the world. Leila’s strength and courage is an example for us all.”

Monika Daswani CEO Coaching for Champions, celebrity lifestyle coach, international coach and speaker, and author of Mind: Body Expert, London

“Leila Khan, an entrepreneur, author, and speaker, is one of the inspirational and motivational role models for the society especially for the Asian community. She inspired me when she delivered a talk to an audience of 2,000 at London Excel. I have not seen such a brilliant and future-oriented lady like Leila who has achieved a lot in a very short time. Leila, you are making a huge contribution to the society. Keep it up my dear.”

Dr Javed Iqbal Digital Business Strategist, London

“Leila is my ray of sunshine in a dark sky, a flower among the weeds, my inspiration and it is my honour to call this strong, genuinely amazing, caring, supportive, intelligent woman my dear friend and role model for over 15 years! Carry on shining your light wherever there is darkness my lovely.”

Susan England

“Her enthusiasm and love of life is infectious. An inspirational lady with a lovely heart.”

Heather Scotland

“From the first time I heard Leila speak she inspired me beyond words. Her story of courageously overcoming obstacles I could never fathom inspired me so much. I am truly grateful for her raw openness about what it takes to make your mark on the world and find your life’s purpose. Her passion and positivity radiate from her before she even says a word, but then she connects the dots and makes you feel empowered as well; it’s a gift she shares with everyone that hears her story. Leila is the ultimate feminine mystique and her desire to help others is truly genuine and contagious!”

Tara London

“Leila is always fun to be with and has a cheerful disposition whatever challenge is thrown at her. She is always ready for change, completely adaptable, dynamic and full of ideas. Go, girl, go!”

Julie Switzerland

“We met Leila at a seminar last year and we were really impressed with her outlook on life and her work ethic! Very similar to us and so we naturally gelled! Really love what you’re doing and the incredible value you bring to your readers Leila!”

Liz and Trevor London

“I had the pleasure of working with Leila in the not too distant past and have found that her energy and passion still inspire me every day. Leila’s natural positivity is infectious and life changing and I feel very honoured and proud to call her a friend.”

Susan South West England

“I immediately warmed to Leila when I met her. She has a positive inner energy, and has such a total belief in her work and teachings that you want to tap into her positivity. To help and inspire others is her life’s mission. She totally practices what she preaches and you feel completely drawn into what she is saying. She has lifted my spirits and made me go away and really think when we have had our wee chats, or after reading her newsletters and watching her inspirational videos. I have been through some difficult health issues in the past and have felt that Leila’s life philosophy, which exudes a calmness and contentment, has had a positive impact on me. Leila always seems so happy and upbeat and her inner glow most definitely shines out!”

Janey Scotland

“It was a real privilege to meet and get advice from Leila. I also chatted with some lovely people.”

Rebecca Scotland