101 + Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles


Paperback: 105 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1772048429
ISBN-13: 978-1772048421

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“It isn’t what the book costs. It’s what it will cost you if you don’t read it.”

― Jim Rohn

Do you want the ability to deal with your problems effectively?

Do you want to be happier, more confident, and successful in life?

Do you want to be in charge of your destiny?

101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! is jam-packed with strategies, tips, and solutions to help you through life’s bumps and hurdles. You’ll find this book offers you a myriad of tried and tested, authentic and creative ways of getting through life’s problems.

Imagine being able to know deep down that you can get through any problem because you truly believe in yourself, your innate skills and creative potential to find solutions. You deserve to be happy!

Just a few of the topics covered are:

  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems
  • Low self-esteem, Insecurity and Jealousy
  • Public speaking
  • Poverty Mindset
  • Working in a job you dislike
  • Social anxiety
  • Stress
    …And so much more!


Use the power of your mind to cultivate bravery and courage so you can make new choices and decisions. There is a solution to every problem and this book will empower you to take inspired action.

Learn how to understand your emotions, master your mind, and become a conscious decision-maker of your ideal life.

You’ll gain a greater understanding of who you truly are and will be able to create a life that is abundant, fulfilling, and satisfying. Start living and loving your life, today!


  • Discover a myriad of tried and tested, authentic and creative ways of getting through problems and discovering the opportunities that lie within.
  • Explore case studies of difficult situations others have gone through.
  • Experience coaching to support inner change work.
  • Find the causes underlying your obstacles.
  • Learn the effects of living through these issues, until dealt with.
  • Discover successful strategies for overcoming adversity.
  • Learn tips for better communication with loved ones.
  • Find creative ideas and new solutions to becoming a better version of you.
  • Learn how to be the true and authentic version of yourself.
  • Discover a compassionate and empowered voice guiding you along, on a path that Leila has walked herself and come through to the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Find unique #leilaswisevibes—inspiration and wisdom from Leila to empower deeper personal growth.
  • Links to blogs and personal development resources.
  • Learn about managing personal growth and changes.
  • Discover core mindsets for ultimate success, health, and wealth.
  • Find a blueprint for loving your life experiences, no matter what has happened.
  • Learn visualisation techniques to teach you that the past does not have to equal your future.
  • Find the priceless benefits of investing in deep, inner work for a happier you!

Understand and transform your inner world in order to thrive on the outside.

  • Loneliness—Understand what loneliness really is and how to close the gap so that you feel connected.
  • Depression—Uncover the deeper issues surrounding depression and find tried and tested methods to overcome it, so your new outlook is compelling and bright.
  • Self-worth—Start cultivating an authentic relationship with yourself so that you always feel good enough, worthy enough, and deserving.
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem—Confidence is an attractive way of being and combined with healthy self-esteem, it can open so many new doors and opportunities.
  • Relationship problems—Communication is the mainstay of every single relationship that happens. Imagine improving your communication and notice how you become happier.
  • Insecurity and jealousy—Understand how these patterns develop and how to break them so that you can truly enjoy fulfilling relationships all around you.
  • Public speaking—Use the awesome instrument of your unique voice to captivate your colleagues and audiences as you overcome the fear of standing in front of others.
  • Poverty Mindset—We all have a relationship to money; understanding what it is either keeps you in poverty, or draws abundance and wealth to you. Learn how, through this book.
  • Working in a job you dislike—Deep down, how would you really love to spend your day? It is absolutely possible to discover your passion, earn great money doing it, and wake up every morning knowing that your life is valued!
  • Social anxiety—Being shy can feel so crippling, especially when you really crave genuine connection with others. Unravel the old patterns and uncover some new strategies to help you move forward.
  • Stress—Life these days can seem like it’s a barrage of stress and anxiety. Imagine putting stress to bed, and being able to flow through your day in a way that is uplifting, light, and good for your health
    …It’s all in here!
Order your copy here as a gift to yourself or for someone special in your life. You’ll learn how to master your emotions and use the power of your mind to create incredible positive change in your personal & business life.
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Leila Khan is the author of three books, a public speaker, a self-mastery expert & the creator of The Trailblazsers Mentorship.
She was awarded ‘Outstanding Woman in Business’ in 2016 & has spoken on stage to nearly 2000 at the National Achievers Congress in London. She also shared the same stage as Tony Robbins.
Leila helps business owners & personal development enthusiasts to overcoming fears and step up to their next level. Reach BEYOND the stars! #leilaswisevibes
Her website is www.lifeistodayacademy.com Instagram and Twitter: @lklifeistoday YouTube: Life is Today Academy.

7 reviews for 101 + Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles

  1. Numba Pinkerton

    “Leila is an outstanding teacher, coach and mentor
    with profound wisdom and an uncanny ability to
    positively transform lives and help people live
    confident, stress-free and fulfilling lives. Her enthusiasm,
    infectious laugh and authenticity truly sets her apart.
    She has the ability to lift even those at the lowest points
    in their life. This book really resonated with me because
    it has the perfect solutions to any life obstacle I come
    across. I would highly recommend Leila’s work.”
    ––Numba Pinkerton
    Author of No Black Project, Glasgow

  2. Tet Ho

    “Leila’s second offering, 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles!,
    is an easy to use guide and an excellent reflection of her in-depth knowledge
    and experience in this topic.
    Leila has come a long way overcoming challenges after challenges and
    through her sheer determination, she managed to achieve her dreams. In my
    humble opinion, she is the Iron Lady of the 21st century!
    I have personally met her, spoken to her, heard her presentation about her
    life story, and I can confirm that she is truly inspirational. It was because of
    her that I have started to follow my own dreams.”

    Tet Ho
    Food Scientist, Internet and Social Entrepreneur

  3. Light and love

    “When I spoke to Leila, I find sheer wisdom and an utter place of truth. It’s
    as if I’ve dropped down into some space where I can grow, be empowered
    and somehow find my truth through the words and wisdom she shares.
    Leila is not only well read, educated and qualified in her field, she is a
    natural too. She has come to this work with an open heart, ready to help
    others with their experience of life and I believe it is her calling to do so.
    She is a well of information and has a heart that resonates in truth,
    which I believe is love. When I speak to her I feel supported, held
    and encouraged. Her work is magic in this sense as she always has a
    resource to use or word to share that is comforting. When she doesn’t
    she will listen and then find a way to guide you back to your own truth
    and inner wisdom.
    I thank my lucky stars that Leila walked into my life, because I believe she
    was meant to be there. She inspires me, she sees me and she reflects to me
    my power and all I am capable of.
    Working with Leila, listening to Leila or reading her words are a coming
    home of sorts. She is one of the greatest natural spiritual teachers of this
    time and I am grateful to know her.
    I wish her success as it’s defined in our society. But I know in my heart
    she is already there, already successful; because of her natural ability and
    calling she can help so many people find their way home too.
    She is here to empower and guide and teach. We are blessed to feel
    her light.”

    Light and love,
    Angela, County Durham

  4. Anastasia Button

    “No matter your age or stage in your life 101+ Ways to
    Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! by Leila Khan will
    help you reach your goals faster so you can enjoy your
    success and improved quality of life. If you desire your
    dreams to come true then this is the book to read and
    Leila is the one to help you!”

    Anastasia Button
    Author of #NewJobNewLife

  5. Michelle Watson

    “Leila Khan has really stepped up to the mark with her
    phenomenal book 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest
    Obstacles!. In this amazing book she speaks about using the
    power of your mind to cultivate bravery and courage and
    also emphasises that there is a solution to every problem.
    This book will empower you to take inspired action.”

    Michelle Watson
    Author of Overcome & Rise Above

  6. Charlie Reading

    “Leila is an incredibly talented lady that certainly knows
    how to be successful in life and business. In 101+ Ways
    to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! you will get access
    to the secrets of her success. This is the ultimate guide on
    how to overcome your problems, and create a successful
    life ahead. Start living and loving your life, master your
    mind and understand your emotions by reading it now,
    you won’t be disappointed.”

    Charlie Reading
    Author of The Dream Retirement

  7. Usha Chudasama

    “Leila is a passionate and highly enthusiastic
    teacher of personal development. Her book 101+
    Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! offers
    many strategies to turn your problems into valuable

    Usha Chudasama
    Author of Your Happy Child

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