FREE Forgiveness & Relationship transformation recording


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FREE Forgiveness & Relationship transformation recording.
You will receive
•60 min track,
•Guidelines & supporting materials.
This track is ideal for you if
•You feel anger, resentment or frustration with past or current relationships.
•You are ready to let go of the past
•Willing and committed to doing the inner work for the INNER PEACE & FREEDOM you desire.
This is why I am offering this track for free:
For many years, I carried much pain, angst and silence about the estranged relationships in my life. Much of my life had been marred by abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, and mental). This abuse, which I describe as a violation of my personal, mental, physical & emotional space led me on the incredible journey that has now become my life. I have learnt to forgive the abusers, family members, previous partners as well as strangers who thought it appropriate to invade my space without my express permission. I have a close and healthy relationship with my family now which feels like an incredible miracle. I put it down to my never- ending commitment to my personal development and healing of my inner world which for a long time was based in living in fear. Now, I live in LOVE! This recording is based on the Hawaiian healing process called Ho’oponopono.
Feel free to email me with any feedback and as always, I wish you all the very best in your personal development. Leila
Feedback from clients who have used this track regularly:
“I worked through your track again yesterday, though this time I worked through it with reference to my manager who I’ve not had a great relationship with for about one year. Initially it was a real struggle to say all those words. My body (or rather my ego) was fighting it a lot, as I have previously imagined doing all sorts of illegal things to him :/ However, I pushed through and again like last time, there was a gradual more relaxed feeling about it as I went through. My body stopped fighting it, and by the end of the recording I was able to say the words fairly comfortably. Again I was much more peaceful afterwards. Today I feel different about him, and a definite healing is occurring. I still have a challenging conversation to have with him, but now I feel like I can have this conversation with him from a more emotionally neutral place rather than an angry place. This was definitely a very healthy thing to do and now I’m really glad I did it. Thanks
I must admit I was surprised initially at how simple the format was, although I carried on to the end of the recording repeating your words exactly. I was aware that I was gradually feeling better inside as the recording went on. I had a short peaceful sleep afterwards, and deeply peaceful night’s sleep later on. The next day also felt more peaceful than usual (even allowing for natural ups and downs). I’ve noticed that repeating these things tends to get more solid results. Thanks again for the recording.” Jonathan
“Last night I listened to the forgiveness track and I felt like I was forgiving myself and my inner child. I was feeling quite emotional and then was feeling self love again. I am feeling really good today.The forgiveness track is already helping me to heal deeper parts of myself and I feel happier and calmer today after listening to it last night” Nancy.


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