Speaking and event testimonials

“I found out a lot of interesting things about the Law of Attraction, which I think is very useful”

“I learned a bunch about the Law of Attraction, all good stuff! Would love to learn more”

“The session was interesting and made me think about things in a different way. I feel I understand how to manifest things a bit better. I’m ready to make something awesome happen. Thank you X”

“I learned lots during this session. Leila is very competent and a great teacher”

“You really hit home on some things that were bothering me, I’ll try these techniques-the event was cool ;)”

“Good food for thought, need to take some things away to think about more”

“Thought provoking, good hints and tips”

“Excellent session. Lots of great info. Very motivating. Shared with a great heart”

“Came with uncertainty and left with a clearer idea of benefits and want to take hold of this! Thank you”

“There was a lot of good advice in this session, I think the face your fears process will be good for me. Thank you x”

“Great course content and loads to think about as extra homework to get the most out of it”

“1. Interesting. 2. Interactive. 3. Developing. 4.Finding your need and want”

“Definitely a lot of good techniques I hadn’t thought of. Going to use ‘I’ll figure it out’. Many thanks.”

“Thank you. I got some insights into something that was blocking me. Doing the ‘what do you want exercise, I realised that I was stopping myself.. ..(the rest is kept private and confidential)”

“Excellent evening, very enlightening”

“Thank you”

“Very good and to the point and clarity on personal motivation. Perhaps just a touch more interactive exercises”

“Great to find out about motivation and I liked the mediation”

“Inspiring as always!”

“Thank you Leila I got a lot out of the session. I can relate to a lot of the things you have gone through”

“Great two hours connecting with a lovely group of people and learning some tips on how to help keep me motivated. A very ‘safe’ place to share”

“Leila’s session was super jam packed with useful insights, interactive activities and high octaves of energy! What I love about Leila is that she puts a lot of her personality into her workshops – bringing passion and pizzaz with fun impromptu dance sessions & lots of laughter. (These sessions have been extremely useful in “shining a light” on all those little money monsters lurking in the shadows.) Thank you Leila”

The gratitude and miracles meditation technique that Leila teaches was amazing. I find this technique much simpler than other techniques I’ve used in the past as it is easier to synchronise my thoughts.The tea after the session was really good. Nice to spend time to connect/share ideas after a workshop. Easily a winning add-on! Her personality is also very admirable. I always enjoy listening to her talk. Odie, Glasgow.