Wow, what a weekend!

You know how I am always talking about making your dreams come true, especially to my #lifeistodaytrailblazers tribe? Well, this weekend was one of those when all the buses/ dreams seem to come at once!

I have wanted to go along to the National Achievers Congress for a while now and it came to London at the Excel centre last weekend. 4000 people were expected to turn up . . . Tony Robbins, the man who brought ‘life coaching’ to the masses was going to be there, my mentor Gerry Robert was going to be there, and surprisingly, I was invited to speak on stage to nearly 2000 people! No matter what though, I was there to learn just like everyone else.

It was incredible to be surrounded by 4000 people for the two days; people who were hungry for success, eager to learn and determined to serve humanity. We learnt about how to make the most of social media for new customers & clients, how to invest in stocks & trade with inevitable success, how to flip our mindsets in order to reach the success we are striving for, and how to stay physically healthy on the path to well being. The energy from 4000 people was amazing, and I definitely made some friends for life.

As most people in the personal development world know, Tony Robbins is the man who gave life to the term ‘life-coaching’. When he arrived on stage, he completely blew the roof off the Excel-the atmosphere was amazing! He had us all jumping, screaming & reaching for the highest level of energy within us. He did his interventions as he always does and shared some of his own stories of success. Everyone was buzzing! I still can’t believe that I managed to see him and that I have now officially shared the same stage as him!

On the second day, I took to the stage and spoke to the audience about my author journey so far with my publisher Gerry Robert. It really has been awesome partnering with my publisher, Black Card Books. I shared the value of going along with a learners mindset and making the most of the tools that Black Card Books offer during the boot camps. If you have a dream within you, or many. Do this: Go after your dreams. Chase the feelings from within you of realising your dreams. If you have a dream to become an author and you’re not sure where to start, go along. Make sure that you keep an open mind and kick start your author dreams. It’s possible to make them come true. I always say your words are meant to be read by someone in the world, and you have no idea who that person is or how they will come across your book one day. But by you taking the steps to realise your dreams, you’ll be closer to helping those people that need you, one day in the future. I don’t know where I would be if Louise Hay, Paulo Coelho, Jan Goodwin, lyanla Vanzant, Napoleon H i l l and so many others didn’t have the courage to write their books. I’m guessing it’s the same for millions of other people around the world!

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Check out the pictures below-what are your thoughts? What are your big dreams? What do you find the hardest thing to do about realising your dreams? Reach out and remember that your happiness matters!

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