Why do so many people set resolutions at this time of the year, with the best intentions and somewhere along the lines of making a decision to achieve a resolution or a goal, and starting it they give up and it just becomes another thing on the scrapheap?

Well, when the going gets tough, the real desire for the goal remains but procrastination sets in, motivation is lost and the initial drive goes out the window. The key to accomplishing your resolutions and goals is to identify your ‘success process’, as I call it. This is all about identifying what success means to you and anticipating the changes that you’ll (likely) need to make in order to achieve your resolution/goal (because it’s something new and most people fear change) . . .

Consider these questions for continued motivation to achieve your 2 0 1 4 New Years Resolutions . . .

Question 1 – What physical changes do I need to make to achieve something new? i.e. Do I need to walk differently .. shoulders back, straight posture, chin up, looking up? Did you know subtle behavioural changes make a HUGE difference to the accomplishment of goals?

Question 2 – What investment of time, energy and money are you committed to expending and spending?

a. What will affect my time commitment, for example: Lack of sleep,Ad-hoc work commitments, lack of self-belief in my abilities?
b. What things, people, situations, scenarios may sap my mental energy? physical energy?
c. Does the financial commitment I have made make me feel like I am truly invested in myself to put in the hard work for the end result?

Question 3 – What is your inner game of resistant thoughts, fears, anxieties, worries, lack of self-belief etc that you’ll have to manage?

This question is the most crucial one to answer in order to achieve your goals as the reality of being human is that we all have this ‘Language of Self-communication’ as I like to call it . . . Seeing as it exists in our mind, have you considered how you’re going to get past your fears, anxieties, worries, lack of self belief and not feeling worthy or deserving?

Question 4 – Have you got someone in your life who is great at being impartial when needs be? For example, a friend, supportive partner, a life coach or a mentor who is there for you when you need guidance, accountability, a shove back on the right track (a loving shove, of course!)?

When your mind has been prepared for some of the changes that are going to happen, you’re more likely to not slip into procrastination, stay motivated and have success you’re working hard for.

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