How hard does life seem at the moment? Does it feel as if you have no one to turn to that will hear what is deep in your heart? You will get through it, you’ve made it this far.

Sometimes in life, we don’t know where to turn. We mentally and emotionally carry pains and heartaches that we share with no-one. Feeling weighed down, carrying the world on our shoulders, never sharing our tears with anyone for fear of how they will react.Are you putting on a brave mask on so that no one can see what is really behind your eyes? You will get through it, you’ve made it this far.

Life brings it’s challenges to us in many forms; people who don’t see the world through the same eyes, repeated negative circumstances, people who don’t understand us and situations that we don’t understand are just a few examples. Have you ever felt that it’s just one thing after another, after another? There may even come a time when you’re thinking to yourself how much more do you have to go through. You will get through it, you’ve made it this far.

Through my deep inner work over the years, I carried in my heart that no matter what was happening, I was going to get through it. I learnt that the burden of carrying so much mental and emotional pain was only hurting me. By being afraid to deal with people, circumstances and situations and not asking for help, the only person who is not able to move forward was me. I decided I was going to make it to the end of the tunnel, for no one else but myself.

I want to offer my own wisdom by saying that the end of the tunnel really does exist. My decisions to care for my own needs before others paid off because I always had the intention to be there for myself, so that I could eventually be there for others. I coached myself, I learnt how to self-counsel whilst working with counsellors, I did everything I possibly could to reach the end of the tunnel; it’s a beautiful place!

It’s the place where joy lives and is like a never-ending well, where abundance is a given if you believe you are worthy of it, it’s a place where nothing is taken for granted and everything is appreciated. The tunnel you are going through is asking
for you to keep going, ask for help, and you’ll make it to the other side. To get there, you need to make decisions, new decisions to change your life, and allow the change to happen instead of fighting it.

-Do you know what the end of your tunnel looks like?
-What is it that you need to hear, see or feel to keep going?
-Who needs to hear you? Understand you? Stop judging you?
-What are ideal feelings that you want to experience in your life?

Remember this, you will get through it, you’ve made it this far. Be diligent in your actions, be kind with the words you use to speak to yourself, and be honest with yourself about taking responsibility.You have the choice in each moment to change how you see yourself, and your life.

Whether you have been abused, mentally, physically, emotionally or sexually, whether you feel you have been treated badly, disrespected, whether you keep making the same mistakes and continue to attract the same people and situations
into your life, whether you’re in a job that you dislike, you’re around people that don’t support or understand you, whether you don’t know how to love yourself, do this: Believe in the end of the tunnel like nothing else that matters and you’ll see the blessings of the arduous times, one day.

What you are seeking are the answers for your mental and emotional freedom. Life is today, right here and right now to make a brave decision to be there for yourself, to discover the answers so that you can keep moving towards a joyful and abundant life.You are worth it!

Feel free to contact me for an initial consultation to start your own journey towards the end of the tunnel, the life that you want, the amazing feelings that you want to embrace and the skills to, eventually, self-coach yourself.

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